Since the beginning of 2012, The Angry Grandpa Show has had multiple complications, including relationships of people invloved with the videos and the fans' reception of the show. Fans have often noted 2014/2015 to be the start of the decline in quality of the series.

A notorious video, 'Kid Cries Over GTA V Release'

Notable events

  • January 8, 2012 - Angry Grandpa announced that he had officially ended his marriage with Tina, after 30 unhappy years. A majority of Angry Grandpa videos in 2010-2012 were mainly centered around him abusing his wife, leading Grandpa to be less temperamental, though she still occasionally visits.
  • March 14, 2012 - Michael and Bridgette move into their own apartment, meaning there would be less videos of Angry Grandpa, with Michael being the cameraman. This also led to Angry Grandpa raging less.
  • December 27, 2012 - Aunt Charlene passes away 3 months after Angry Grandpa posts a video saying she is in the hospital and her health was declining. This saddened him into another reason why he hates Christmas because he also lost other close family members around this time of year.
  • January 12, 2013 - Angry Grandpa resorts to entertainment by listening to iHeartRadio on his phone since Comcast cut his service due to refusing to pay a $350 cable bill.  Michael offers to pay the bill for him, but Bridgette refuses to allow him to pay for it, which causes a huge argument in the trailer to ensue. While Bridgette and Angry Grandpa exchange a war of words, Jennifer barges in a rage, screaming at Bridgette to not yell at her dad. Bridgette responds by calling her a bitch and telling her to get a job, angering Jennifer to where she was ready to attack Bridgette. Michael kept the two apart, and Bridgette leaves the trailer in a rage, leaving Michael at his father's house.
  • January 19, 2013 (Video uploaded January 21, 2013) - One week after the cable bill argument, Angry Grandpa, Michael, and Bridgette met up at Sub Station II to make an apology on what happened, as well as future plans to avoid another conflict.  Angry Grandpa tried to pay for his dinner, but with only $3, the couple had no choice but to pay for his meal.  After discovering Angry Grandpa has barely watched any TV, and has another high bill coming up, this makes Bridgette more angry inside, and told Michael they could have thrown $350 out the window.  Angry Grandpa considered it as an IOU for his old age and pranks in the past.  He finished only half his meal to be full, and gets loud inside the restaurant, causing the owner to tell him he has to be quiet. Bridgette says cable is a luxury and not a necessity and if he wants it he will have to find his own way to pay for it, with Michael agreeing with her. Angry Grandpa refused to apologize, and the couple agreed not to pay the bill the next time because of his unappreciative attitude, causing him to leave the restaurant, get into his van, and swerve out of the parking lot, leaving them behind. (Videos were not uploaded from any channel for quite a while.)
  • January 27, 2013 - Michael (filmed by Bridgette) uploaded a new mini series titled "Fat Kid" which featured him throwing a tantrum over WWE Royal Rumble 2013. The reception for this was mixed, with many arguing that it was staged, seeing Michael with a more hostile and violent personality similar to that of Angry Grandpa's. It went viral and gained a Million views in 5 days and is currently at 1.5 Million along with 1,300 dislikes.  Bridgette posted her video response saying it is not a big deal and tells Michael he's sorry that WWE doesn't care about him or any other fans.  The video has gained 200,000 views so far.
  • January 31, 2013 - A video was uploaded, this time featuring Michael raging about GTA V's release date being pushed to September. This was met with an extremely negative reaction, with the dislikes reaching past 4,000.
  • March 16, 2013 - After many videos from Michael's channel, KidBehindACamera, has gained more dislikes and likes, he is now advertising about UFC merchandise, other websites, voting to be in a rap song, disgusting food reviews, etc. Many people comment to him about being a sellout to get more views for money. People ask to see more AGP and Tina videos, but no avail.
  • April 23, 2013 - Michael posted a video on his channel ranting about the United States Healthcare.  This has caused MAJOR controversies with his cooking videos as well as even Angry Grandpa's, displaying that their food is by far unhealthy.  Even Bridgette posted in the comments saying that she supports Michael's opinion due to the fact that the Obamacare is working, and if Romney was elected, no one would have healthcare.  Fans even argued with Michael saying that he and Grandpa have already been set in stone by the government's plan of them being on welfare, while still able to collect computers, blue-rays, wrestling merchandise, etc., as well as grabbing attention for money since the video is called "Fat Kid Pissed Off About Healthcare.".
  • June 26, 2014 - It was noticed that on the website SocialBlade (YouTube channel statistics website) that there has been a high number of YouTube users who have unsubscribed from The Angry Grandpa Show and related channels.  The most likely cause is how Angry Grandpa was able to get a very new van to replace his older one all because "the air conditioning was not working", when only 10 months prior, he was saying he couldn't pay for his new trailer's rent per month.  Fans may feel that they are commercializing on their YouTube money, where Michael was able to get a much bigger house than his last, for Bridgette to get a brand new car, Grandpa to get a newer van, Michael buying Angry Grandpa multiple expensive HDTV's, Michael buying Angry Grandpa a marble kitchen table, among other things.  On June 26, TheAngryGrandpaShow lost 661 subscribers, GrandpasCorner lost 258 subscribers, and BridgetteWest lost 82 subscribers.  (KidBehindACamera oddly enough did not lose any subscribers).
  • Multiple Times - Pickleboys' videos called 'Fat Kid Cries About ______' have ruined the reputation of KidBehindACamera and he is getting many dislikes and hateful comments.
  • Fans are questioning whether or not if the videos uploaded to Bridgette's channel are uploaded by her personally.  In the video where she is trying to install a new shower head, she tells Michael she does not want it to show up online.  Yet, it was uploaded to her own video channel after she said she didn't want it online.
  • Fans have been waiting desperately for Bridgette to have her part in the 200,000 Subscriber humiliation of having her in a princess outfit with tiara, dress, and gloves to go on a dinner date with Michael and Grandpa.  The long wait has caused fans to fluctuate out of control with dislikes and unsubscribing.  A couple of weeks ago, Bridgette posted a video on her channel saying she is still going to do the video, and is looking for a dress due to the amount of money it costs.  One fan said that she runs a tailor and will give her a free white princess gown, but she did not respond back.  Recently around August 10, 2013, that video has been removed by Bridgette, which caused severe disappointment in fans, suggesting that she has backed out of the humiliation.
  • Since the month of October began, Michael said that he would be putting out more scare pranks on Angry Grandpa due to the Halloween season and these videos have recieved a large amount of likes and some positive reaction but the number of claims that state that these videos are fake have risen.
  • Since the "Happy Birthday" video was posted by Michael (which shows a undertaker ministry outfit which was at first mistaken for a dildo), there have been a steady number of accounts rising that use the KidBehindACamera template but take a play on it by usually putting in the phrase "dildo" or some other offensive slur or derogatory term in order to ruin the image of the channel and Michael himself.
  • In recent times, it has been observed that many of the videos posted on any of the channels nowadays contain content that people don't care to ever watch, unlike the most famous videos that have drawn people to watch them in the first place.
  • It is skeptical about why a certain event needs several videos posted on several different YouTube channels, such as "Aftermath" videos, "Deleted Scenes" videos, when they can all be tied together in one video.
  • Fans may feel that Michael is running out of prank ideas and repeating them over again.  A prank that has been repeated more than once would be Tina moving back in with Angry Grandpa.
  • April 18, 2015 - For the one million subscriber milestone[1], Grandpa, Michael, and Bridgette went to get tattoos. Michael got the Angry Grandpa logo on his arm, Bridgette got a princess tiara tattoo on her foot, and Grandpa was supposed to get a motorcycle tramp stamp tattoo. However, Michael and Bridgette tricked Grandpa and instead he got a biohazard tattoo with the phrase "My ass stinks" under it. This caused Grandpa to go into an infuriating path of destruction in the tattoo shop, breaking one of the electric guitars in the shop, causing all three to be banned from the shop. Knowing that the tattoo prank was all Michael’s idea, Grandpa has banished Michael from his property and his life for three weeks, ignoring him completely and rejecting any attempts of apologies. Fans have even scolded Michael furiously about how this is not a prank, but a very cruel act. Michael still thinks Grandpa will get over it, but fans are doubting it. Grandpa has recently threatened to call the police when Michael tried going in his window. This caused Grandpa to send in a restraining order request to keep Michael 500 feet away from him.
  • June 16, 2015 - On June 15th, Michael and Bridgette get into a serious argument after he breaks her iPhone two days ago, and Bridgette locked him outside in the backyard, pranking him into thinking that she is trying to kill him, and refuses to stop and let him back in until Michael tells her about what happened where he had chose to refused[2]. She accepts his apology and warns him never to get her anger started with her iPhone and the vomit from the peanuts where Grandpa had delivered it. Grandpa angrily comes over the next day and destroys Michael's Wrestling room, claiming that Michael is too big to play with toys, because Michael didn't show up at his house to help him with his Internet. This caused Michael and Bridgette to get into another fight, and this time, about Grandpa[3]. Bridgette berates Michael furiously about how he let his dad come over and break one of their private possessions, and then claims that she is tired of Grandpa destroying Michael's stuff to hurt his feelings, which that only mentions in "Pickleboy Gets a Present". She wants the fans to prove her point that she is not a "crazy bitch" when they see the video of "Grandpa's Toy Room Meltdown" after it was uploaded. In the next video, being angered about the situation of the fight over Grandpa's destruction and her broken iPhone which Michael's apology was declined, Bridgette left the house to go to her mom's, leaving Michael alone to survey the damage to his Wrestling room[4], and rejects his phone calls and didn't come home until night time. The video does not show Bridgette leaving the house at the beginning, because she also doesn't want to come back to Michael's vlog until the next two days.
  • The lack of " ____ VS. Angry Grandpa " videos, where he rages at people via stuff.
  • The New Trailer (possibly). That or grandpa's house.
  • Michael constantly doing vlogs about food, cooking & eating.
  • Bridgette interrupting vlogs.
  • RayWilliamJohnson's comments about the videos, calling them "fake and gay".
  • September 4, 2015 - Michael visited Grandpa to help him unload bags of charcoal from the van, and stated that he cook way too much. As Michael tried to back Grandpa up, he accidentally drove too far, right into the walls of the pool, causing it to split and leak water. Angry at his son, Grandpa took the shovel from the shed and stabbed the pool even more, causing the whole garden had been flooded, Bridgette Angrily/Sternly Tells & Yells At Angry Grandpa Like YOU’RE SO UNGRATEFUL Repeatedly, Michael Was Really Angry At Angry Grandpa, He Just Hit The Pool Harder & Bridgette Yelled At Him Like ohMICHAEL!! He Tells Bridgette To Make Calls That Grandpa Is Going To Have His License Taken Away Soon His Van Is Taken Out Of the Yard. Since then, Grandpa started sleeping outside in the tent like the McJuggerNuggets, trying to make Michael feel bad. Fans have told Michael that he kicked Grandpa out of the house, but he said he didn't. What Michael did is that he threw out an empty jet threat that he will have to take one of Grandpa's power tools, because Grandpa almost cut his finger up with the chainsaw, and didn't mean live in the yard. Grandpa destroyed the wooden deck of the pool to make campfires and keep himself warm, and this makes Michael angry that he started scolding Grandpa at night & Grandpa started scolding Michael too. It went on for a couple of weeks until Michael and Bridgette burnt his tent down, forcing him to sleep in the house again. After moving back in, Grandpa made rules of his 10 Demandments for Michael, who was not happy with these rules and vows not to follow them.
  • November 5, 2015 - Grandpa flips out on Michael when his stress levels reach an all time high. Michael wants to go over to Grandpa's house and get the blow out on film. Grandpa destroys the kitchen when he can't find vanilla to put into his Thanksgiving pie, leading Grandpa to piss Michael off, causing Michael to take anger out on Bridgette or treat her like shit on the 9th of November. On the 13th, when Michael is about to show Grandpa the video of the AGP Montage, because he ask the fans for his assistance, Grandpa hammers Michael's new ipad pro, causing it to catch fire. Michael angrily breaks the table when he flipped it, yelling that he has had it, and that Grandpa should never come back to Michael's house for the rest of the week. Michael has finally changed because he was mad about the ipad pro and at his father on the 15th of November, and two days later he flipped out, fighting with Bridgette, and broke the light bulb while being locked out in the backyard when Grandpa came over and left the flash drive and the note which has the cooking video.
  • November 20, 2015 - After a particularly heated family argument, Grandpa apologizes in an attempt to have Michael to come to his Thanksgiving dinner, but coming back together was declined when Michael shares stories at the Thanksgiving table, leading Grandpa to have a holiday meltdown on the 26th of November. While still mad at his dad in revert, Michael claims that Grandpa has complex along with his bipolar tendencies. Two days later, Grandpa ditches out on Michael when they were attempting to have dinner and work things out, and he kicks them out of his house the next day on Sunday because of the Thanksgiving meltdown, blaming Michael for ruining it by telling stories and telling him that Michael needs to control his anger.
  • September 2, 2016 - YouTube has updated their terms of service to where videos could not receive revenue due to content not friendly to advertisers. This includes the use of language, violence, drug references, etc. This caused the newer videos of Grandpa either not swearing at all or him swearing, but extremely less and also getting angry less. At first, fans were disappointed about his new act. But then they realized YouTube is the cause of his change.
  • The crossover with McJuggerNuggets in 2016, which has lead more people into believing that it's staged.
  • June 29, 2017 - An LSD incident happened at Charlie, causing him to never show up again and being disowned from the Green family. This caused Charlie fans unsubscribing and hating.
  • December 10, 2017 - Angry Grandpa dies, and since then, Michael started to focus his vlogs on his dad. Many fans got mad because they thought he was milking his dad's death for views, when in reality that isn't the case.
  • January 2, 2018 - Michael uploads a video about Logan Paul. This video got over 12,000 dislikes because people are mad at Michael that he likes him. Others were upset that Michael posted a video on TheAngryGrandpaShow channel when it had nothing to do with The Angry Grandpa.
  • January 15, 2018 onwards - A noticeable proportion of Michael's thumbnails now involve his hands covering his mouth or/and feature him crying, usually this is not present in the videos at all leading to people calling him out in the comments for using clickbait. In a deleted comment on one of the vlogs, a fan asked Michael "Why do you always cover your face, Michael?", Michael then responded with "get the fuck off if you will complain about me and my life" before deleting the comment completely.
  • March 17, 2018 onwards - Michael continues to upload videos with clickbait titles and using a new editing technique, made famous by the Paul Brothers, leading to many fans to question why they still watch Michael's vlogs. The amount of overall views are declining as well as the number of likes which are rapidly decreasing alongside an increase of dislikes.
  • April 15, 2018 onwards - Michael has started to delete negative comments and completely monitor his vlogs following the video "delete.mp4" presumably due to the amount of comments that criticise his new vlogging style after the passing of Angry Grandpa. Not only this but both Michael and Bridgette have been surrounded in criticism for not owning up to their 'clickbait' titles such as "We broke up" or "Our biggest leak ever." There is also a minority of people who are complaining about his use of 'Dramaalert' thumbnails that have been in common use on the KidBehindACamera channel from mid-December 2017.
  • May 7, 2018 onwards - After Grandma visited Michael for a family reunion and has lived with them since, some (ex-)fans are stating that Michael is exploiting his mother for views to shape her into 'the new Angry Grandpa', since Grandma might be mentally ill and that Michael is supposedly running out of ideas. Others are stating that he brings back the same merchandise every week to make even more money and that he doesn't care about his fans.
  • Sometime before June 30, 2018 and onwards - Michael has begun to monitor all comments on KidBehindACamera which either talk about how weight, diets, poor hygiene etc even going as far as to delete comments that critcize him or Bridgette, leading to a higher number of dislikes and a growing number of angry fans. People have also begun to notice that Michael potrays fans giving him advice about his weight and bad lifestyle as "haters" and that they should "get off my channel in an instant", leading to an even bigger backlash.
  • August 9 and 10, 2018 - Michael receives severe backlash in his vlogs and Twitter after parking in a handicapped space and joking about it. To make it worse, Michael proceeded to insult and block people questioning his decision. It was also revealed that his recent diet that lasted 5 days was fake and he didn't even start it, leading to more backlash. Michael also uses more music on his vlog and uses Jennifer's teeth (or lack of them) as clickbait, leading to more controversy and hate.
  • August 21, 2018 - As an example of Michael's clickbait, he uploaded a video called "We're Quiting. (You Win)" where Michael claims he is quitting YouTube...the 18th time in 9 months! (even check the thumbnails and video titles from this date!) To add salt to the wound, Michael also hired a fake "chef" in his vlog angering even more fans in the process. He even dismissed the criticism he was gaining from "haters" and claiming that they were only helping him by giving him attention.
  • August 26, 2018 - Old tweets from 2011 resurfaced on YouTube showing Michael bullying a gay person and insulting him for being ashamed for who he is: being from the South and for liking the same sex. The tweets can be found on Michael's Twitter and this video, uploaded by the user, John Smith (
  • August 31, 2018-September 8, 2018 - Several videos are uploaded on the KidBehindACamera YouTube channel that involves around a conflict between Michael and Doug. Many people noticed that the format of the videos was similar to the series Shane Dawson makes. They also noted that there were several moments throughout the videos that seemed too unrealistic. As a result, the video series received a large number of dislikes and negative comments from disappointed fans.

    The offending tweet.

  • September 15, 2018 - Bridgette posts on Twitter about Hurricane Florence and jokes about how she and Michael have to rebuild. The tweet received a backlash from fans who said that the joke was in bad taste. Bridgette then proceeded to call the fans "snowflakes" and "delicate" for calling her out, which consequently caused an even larger backlash.
  • October 1, 2018 - Michael's vlog "We're Out Of Money" received more backlash. In this vlog, he freaks out after losing a game of Monopoly and thus destroys the Monopoly game-board. He also lets a fan of them pick up their trash. This was met with both many negative comments and dislikes.