Diet Coke & Mentos Explosion is a three-minute rage video where Angry Grandpa attempts the Mentos and Diet Coke challenge.



Pickleboy and Angry Grandpa are outside on the patio. Pickleboy tells Angry Grandpa to hover his face over the bottle of Diet Coke and place a handful of Mentos mints through the bottle. He does so, only for foam to explode all over his face. Angry Grandpa, in a fit of rage, rips off his shirt and throws it at Pickleboy. A little while later, he rips apart some plants and slams them onto the ground due to his anger issues. About two minutes into the video, Bridgette comes along and sprays the foam toward Angry Grandpa once again while he isn't looking. He throws a chair at her while she jumps out of the way screaming. He chases Pickleboy and her off his property and tells the two to "never come back". While the two are driving off, he stands in the middle of the street and tries to yank Pickleboy out of the car. Bridgette drives off just before he can accomplish this.

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