Dorothy Mae Green (née Mayer; March 18, 1926 – December 25, 1999) was the mother of Angry Grandpa and Aunt Charlene, wife of Charles M. Green Sr and grandmother of Michael, Kim, Jennifer and Charlie.


Dorothy Mae Meyers was born on March 18, 1926, in the town of Sycamore, South Carolina. Her father was James Mayer, and her mother was Janie Cooper. When she was born, he parents were 27 and 28. She had 1 older brother, 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister. 2 of her brothers died at the ages of 1 and 7. When World War II ended in 1945, she married Sgt. Charles M. Green. They had 2 children, Charlene in 1947, and Charles Jr. in 1950.

To Grandpa, she was, at times, a loving, caring woman who was more than a mother to him. Grandpa stated that when anything went wrong in his life, Dorothy was always there to cheer him up by resting her head on his shoulders telling him that "everything's going to turn out alright". While she was hospitalised, she frequently called Grandpa to come and visit her any time of the day.

This is contradicted by her cruel true colors, showing she was borderline racist, and disowned Angry Grandpa once because he supported black rights.

She also took his 1955 Bel Air car from him and gave it to Charlene, whom she favored and liked more, and Charlene sole it for scrap after it stopped working.

To Michael and his siblings, she was cruel, rude and did not like them. This is hinted when she once called Michael a "Nasty little creature." After he threw up in her car. She did not like them the way she liked Grandpa.


Dorothy was diagnosed with colon cancer on Thanksgiving Day 1999. She went to hospital, where she had a heart attack a week before Christmas. She died at 6:00 AM on Christmas morning.  When the death was announced, Grandpa and the family took down their Christmas Tree to symbolize their grief. Grandpa was very devastated that he couldn't afford a funeral at the time so she was cremated; however later on, Grandpa was able to bury her.


  • Her death and her husband's paralysis caused Angry Grandpa to start developing animosity towards Christmas and Thanksgiving, as mentioned in "The Reason Angry Grandpa Hates Christmas" This also explains why Grandpa's anger is worse around the holidays.
  • It was revealed by Jennifer in a livestreams that she was close with her maternal grandparents but, didn't have a close relationship with Dorothy, but also took care of her when she was dying
  • Every time Michael and his siblings visited her, she made them watch Princess Diana's Funeral
  • Michael says that he had a strained relationship with her
  • She had at least 10 grandchildren.
  • When she died, Michael didn't go to her funeral because he wanted to play his new video game that he got for Christmas. Michael no longer accepts Christmas presents because he feels bad about not going to her funeral.
  • When a young Michael was knocked unconscious one time at school, she came to pick him up, and was apparently really angry at Michael. Angry Grandpa was following them in his van, and decided they should go and get supper. This plan never happened because Michael threw up in her car. Michael said that she then called him a "nasty little creature."
  • If her son didn't call her in a while, she would say to him "You know one day you're gonna dial that phone and I ain't going to answer!" meaning that he should call her while she is alive.
  • Dorothy was 21 years old when she and Charles had Charlene. Also, Dorothy was 24 years old when she and Charles had Charles Jr (Angry Grandpa).
  • Her father, James Mayer, was born on Christmas day 1899. Dorothy died on Christmas day 1999. Therefore, Dorothy died on what would have been her father's 100th birthday.
  • In an interview with Boogie2988, Michael revealed that Dorothy was racist and she kicked Grandpa out of her house after driving colored marchers down the street and told him she never wanted to see him again.
  • Dorothy was 56 years old when her oldest grandchild Charlie from her son was born, 57 when Jennifer was born, 59 when Kimberly was born, and finally 61 when Michael was born.
  • Dorothy was 73 years, 8 months, 7 days old when she died from colon cancer.
  • Dorothy died only 1 year and 4 months before her oldest Great-Grand child JC was born.



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