Douglas Brian "Doug" West (born March 2, 1967) is the father of Bridgette West and divorced from her mother Cindy.


Doug is the father of Bridgette. He met Michael only a handful of times. Michael was able to convince him to participate in a prank to make Angry Grandpa think that he is Michael's real dad. After the prank, it was revealed to Angry Grandpa that he is actually Bridgette's father. It was later noted that Doug had actually met AGP a couple years earlier.

Doug helped Angry Grandpa fix his bed after Michael broke it during the "Hop On Pop" prank. He had a roll of duct tape in his truck.

In the "Meet Mr. Fix it!" video, it's revealed that Doug is a very good handyman, easily fixing Michael and Bridgette's garbage disposal and installing a screen on Michael and Bridgette's screen door. He installed Angry Grandpa's new door when he smashed it.

As of April 13, 2019, Doug has been estranged with Bridgette and will not appear in future videos.


  • Doug is an active smoker and smokes Marlboro Special Blends.
  • He worked as a truck driver.
  • Doug met Cindy in High School. At the time he was driving the school bus, and she was his "bus monitor."
  • One reason Doug and Cindy broke up is because of Doug being away from home a lot due to his work as a truck driver. On average he was gone for 30 days. After he broke up, he would go out for 6 months at a time.
  • Doug is an avid fisher. The biggest fish he ever caught was a 126lb black tip reef shark, when he was in high school.
  • Doug's favorite fruit is watermelon.
  • Doug doesn't eat fast food.
  • Doug hated Jennifer's children and was very mean to them, and once put Jacob in a cage when Jennifer went grocery shopping because he thought it was funny.