"I'm Done"

-Doug's quote in most of the videos

Douglas Brian "Doug" West (born March 2, 1967) is the ex-husband of Cindy, the father of Timothy and Bridgette West, and is the estranged grandfather of Mia Nicole Green, who was born on November 1st, 2019. 


Doug is the father of Bridgette. He met Michael only a handful of times. Michael was able to convince him to participate in a prank to make Angry Grandpa think that he is Michael's real dad. After the prank, it was revealed to Angry Grandpa that he is actually Bridgette's father. It was later noted that Doug had actually met AGP a couple of years earlier.

Doug helped Angry Grandpa fix his bed after Michael broke it during the "Hop On Pop" prank. He had a roll of duct tape in his truck.

In the "Meet Mr. Fix It!" video, it's revealed that Doug is a very good handyman, easily fixing Michael and Bridgette's garbage disposal and installing a screen on Michael and Bridgette's screen door. He installed Angry Grandpa's new door when he smashed it.

As of April 13, 2019, Doug has been estranged with Bridgette and will not appear in future videos, aside from Michael's 2020 documentary. This happened because while Bridgette and Doug got into an argument through texts about YouTube money, in which he then texted Bridgette that he didn't want anything from her if she had a miscarriage. Enraged, Michael completely cut ties with Doug from their life and stated that he will never meet their daughter.

Doug has his own YouTube channel, "DuggieWest". Most of his videos involve him talking about Michael and Bridgette, rather than his own life. He would often go on rants about their weight, and how Michael "brainwarshed" Bridgette, making her fat like him. Michael and Bridgette may have gained a lot of weight ever since they started dating, but Doug has weight issues of his own, and publicly speaks about his own daughter in disparaging ways. Doug would often make videos spreading rumors about Grandpa and how he was a "child molester", which is the exact same thing Charlie Chill said about Grandpa. This is one of the things that ruined his reputation with Michael which the latter finally addressed on both a Youtube video and Storyfire video on April 23rd, 2019. Doug had a friend named Debbie (from the Angry Grandpa video GRANDPA FLIPS OUT! (PICKLEBOY WRECKS DINNER!)) who would appear on videos with Doug and bash Grandpa, but Debbie later admitted that Doug was lying about the abuse and that he told her about the accusations so she can be on videos with Doug. She has since cut all ties with Doug when he began threatening her and has also apologized to Michael and Bridgette.

On July 28th, 2019, his mother, Lydia West, died at 86 from her lung cancer. He had her cremated as part of her wishes.

On March 6th, 2020; Michael, Bridgette, and Swift (Jesse Ridgway former cameraman) went to talk to Doug about what he has been doing to Michael and Bridgette for Michael's documentary. Doug didn't liked being filmed and started to attack all three of them on camera.

As of April 2020, he moved from South Carolina to Kentucky to live with his niece.


  • Doug is an active smoker and smokes Marlboro Special Blends.
  • He worked as a truck driver.
  • Doug met Cindy in High School. At the time he was driving the school bus, and she was his "bus monitor."
  • One reason Doug and Cindy broke up is because of Doug being away with his job   But Cindy was always running around behind Doug's back, even with one of Doug's Co-drivers.
    • It was also revealed that Doug wasn't at the hospital when Bridgette was born.
  • Doug is an avid fisherman. The biggest fish he ever caught was a 126lb blacktip reef shark when he was in high school.
  • Doug's favorite fruit is watermelon.
  • Doug doesn't eat fast food.
    • This was later proved to be false because when they were working on Grandpa's house he was eating a McDonald's Egg McMuffin, and when he was in the hospital he was eating a Big Mac. He also was seen eating KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) with Michael, Bridgette, Jennifer, J.C., Johnny, Jacob, and James on the vlog SUNDAY DINNER W/GRANDPA.
  • It is likely Doug will never get to meet his granddaughter, Mia Nicole Green, due to him believing that Bridgette was never pregnant, for making Bridgette life miserable during the pregnancy, and saying that if she appeared in one video he'd call DSS. Currently, there are no cases of Doug calling DSS, despite Mia's appearances on YouTube.
    • There was some talk by Michael and Bridgette of taking Mia with them when they confronted Doug for Michael's documentary. However, after Doug attacked them and Swift they agreed that they were glad they didn't bring Mia with them.
  • It was later revealed by Michael that Angry Grandpa didn't like Doug very much, due to his abrasive personality.
  • He is a diabetic.
  • Doug's friendship with Charlie Green has caused Kimberly Pratt and Jennifer Green to dislike Doug even more, since Charlie assaulted them when they were children.
    • Jennifer had already cut ties with Doug for his mental abuse of her sons in 2018.



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