DramaAlert is a youtube channel ran by Keemstar that interviews famous YouTubers. Michael Green and his father, Charles Green, have been on the show to discuss the DylanisFTW situation, Tina D. Feud, and the LSD incident.


Michael and Angry Grandpa went on Keemstar to discuss the DylanisFTW issue. Grandpa reveals he had trolls attack him constantly with death threats and Dylan defended him at first. It was later discovered that it was all a trick as he was only in it to be in their videos and to be in a shout out. There was an incident where Dylan's girlfriend was called a racial slur by Grandpa, but this appears to be mere slander. He asked for an apology from Grandpa but grandpa refused because he was so nice to him, causing Dylan to frighten them in order to take down their channel. He began to release phone calls, screenshots, and skype conversations to prove that the series is fake. His blackmailing against Grandpa was so cruel, that Grandpa had to go to the hospital due to chest pains. This caused Grandpa to live in fear of losing his supporters because he feels as if he loses them, he loses everything he has ever worked for. Michael appeared on DramaAlert's video, which caused a massive hate by fans to Dylan's channel. This caused Dylan to remove his videos, his YouTube channel, and his Twitter.

LSD Incident

Michael went on DramaAlert first to share his side of the story:

​On June 29, 2017, Charlie got intoxicated, high on Lsd, and started to upload pornographic videos to his channel. A friend of Michael’s who was with Charlie at the time called Michael and said that Charlie was walking around the pool house completely naked. When Michael returned home he saw his pool house completely destroyed by Charlie who was high on drugs and drunk. When Michael went to see if Charlie was okay Charlie then threatened to attack Michael. Michael then called his sister Kim who then called the police. He was later let out when he received help. When Charlie returned to the pool house to see Bridgette and her father Doug. He assaults Bridgette by punching her twice in the face. When this incident was happening, Michael was editing a video when he heard screaming he approached the pool house to see Charlie punching Bridgette. Michael was going to attack Charlie but was stopped in his tracks when he saw him picking up a shard of glass from a broken mirror. Michael and Bridgette ran into the house closely followed by Charlie. When they were safe in the house they called the police.

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