Dylan Taylor (A.K.A. DylanisFTW) was a former friend of the AGP characters. He is widely known for his massive blackmail plots against them due to AGP not being as social to him later on in their short lived friendship. His only appearance was in THE CONDOM CHALLENGE FAIL!! video.

February 2016 Blackmail

Michael addressed in one of his vlogs that he was very upset at the fact that in August of 2015, Dylan (remained unnamed) extorted him, Bridgette, and Grandpa into a falsified friendship in order to meet them and to be in a couple videos. According to DramaAlert's video, Grandpa had trolls attack him constantly with death threats and Dylan defended him at first. When Dylan announced to Grandpa that he was visiting Summerville, Grandpa was reluctant due to the sudden announcement. Dylan told him he was only going to be there for a couple days, which Grandpa agreed to have him come over to the house to meet him. This was all a ruse however, as he was only in it to be in their videos and to be in a shout out. Dylan however, began to start a friendship with Grandpa, wanting to talk to him daily. Grandpa however, is too busy dealing with his grandchildren, making Dylan agitated and feeling as though Grandpa used him. There was even a so-called incident where Dylan's girlfriend was called a racial slur by Grandpa, but this appears to be mere slander. He asked for an apology from Grandpa, who refused because he was so nice to him, causing Dylan to threaten to take down their channel. He began to release phone calls, screenshots, and skype conversations to prove that the series is fake. His blackmailing against Grandpa was so severe, that Grandpa had to be admitted to the hospital due to chest pains. This caused Grandpa to live in fear of losing his subscribers because he feels as if he loses them, he loses everything he has ever worked for. Michael appeared on DramaAlert's video, which caused a massive attack by fans to Dylan's channel. This caused Dylan to remove his videos, his YouTube channel, and his Twitter. Fans however, have downloaded his videos and taken screenshots of his tweets to hold proof against him.

September 2016 Blackmail

On September 20, 2016, Michael made another vlog about Dylan (Unnamed) returning with more false claims against Michael, Grandpa, and Bridgette. He has made claims about Michael being a pedophile due to him dating Bridgette when she was a minor. He made claims about Grandpa having herpes from a 20 year old girl. Michael has claimed he is taking legal action against Dylan and is making a point that because he lives in another country, doesn't give him the right to take advantage of other people. This caused DramaAlert to make another video depicting of what is going on.

International Lawsuit Threat from Tina

In October of 2016, a video was released from Dylan saying he was getting sued by Tina for defamation of character after he accused her of being a drug dealer. She responded by saying she never sold drugs, got arrested for drugs, etc. in a video, but Dylan claims she is lying behind her teeth. Dylan went on Facebook and posed as a woman named "Cellie" to talk to Tina, and Tina responded back via voice replies back about how Grandpa needed neurotins (seizure medication) and how she would never expose them due to the fear that her son would be targeted, and she has contacted a lawyer and is planning to pay him for the lawsuit that week. She even responded in a video saying Dylan was an asshole and that if he messed with her son, sparks would fly. Dylan said he isn't interested in targeting her son and called her an idiot and offered her a shovel to dig herself in a bigger hole. At the end of the video, Tina addresses once more that she's not a lesbian or drug dealer and to tell people to shut up about her.

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