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The effects of the Charlie Chill LSD Incident were crippling and long-lasting. It included injuries, widespread damage, and impacts on the reputation of TheAngryGrandpaShow.


Virtually all of the main characters in TheAngryGrandpaShow were affected in this incident in some way, shape or form.

Charlie Green

Being the mastermind of the whole situation, Charlie was affected by this in many forms. In the immediate aftermath, he was arrested and was pressed with a lot of charges. This also put serious and permanent to Charlie's reputation online, and also as a real life person. Most people who were a fan of him ditched him and some people unsubscribed and even left the channel all together due to his actions. Although he did attempt an apology videos a few days later, the apology gained negative reception by people saying how he only apologized because he was suffering the consequences. On July 2, Charlie was interviewed by DramaAlert. He continued to deny hitting Bridgette, which the latter proved the Charlie was indeed faking the apology.

Michael Green

Michael was also heavily impacted by this. Immediately after the incident, Michael announced in a vlog that Charlie was never going to be in another video on his or Angry Grandpa's channels and that he was completely cutting Charlie out of his life. Michael also stated that he does not want to see, talk to, or even mention Charlie's name ever again and that he no longer wants to acknowledge him as his brother and will pretend he doesn't exist. 

Kimberly Pratt

Kimberly was impacted by this incident as well. She was allegedly raped by Charlie during the incident on the horrible day of June 29, 2017. 2 days after in incident on July 1, Kim posted on Facebook that when she was a child, Charlie and one of his friends tried to rape her. Upon finding this out, the Green family all agreed that Charlie was officially going to be disowned and permanently dead to the Green family and that he will be banned from all family gatherings, holidays, important events, etc for life.  It was also revealed she always had a hatred for Charlie and she'll never forgive him.

Charles Green Jr.

Until the incident, Angry Grandpa was doing pretty well in his health terms, as he was able to beat the cancer that he got back in February. However, upon hearing about what happened during the whole incident, Charles became heavily depressed and refused to eat something for up to a week. As a consequence, Charles ended up developing cirrhosis in the liver. The cirrhosis in the liver was also the primary cause for the death of Angry Grandpa, which later happened on December 10. A few months later in November, Charlie called Grandpa and talked with him, Grandpa said "I love you, but I don't want you here. Just live your life." Charlie got angry and posted on his Facebook page that he wished his dad would die sooner. This strained relationship was never fixed, and continues today after Grandpa's passing.

Jennifer Green

Just like Kim, Jennifer was also allegedly raped by Charlie. Jacob, Jennifer's son, was given drugs and alcohol by Charlie and was threatened if he didn't take it. Her sons were also assaulted by Charlie.

Bridgette West

Bridgette was assaulted twice by Charlie. As a result of the assault, Bridgette had a bruise on the side of her face.

Isaac Guest

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