"Today, Grandpa has officially snapped when he thinks characters from Driving Miss Daisy are REAL."
— Description

GRANDPA'S GONE CRAZY is a vlog video from KidBehindACamera. In this vlog, the couple stop by Angry Grandpa's house to see his collection of suspenders as well as finding out that he thinks dead characters were real people. This vlog was released on April 16, 2016.


Angry Grandpa





Pickleboy and Bridgette stop by Angry Grandpa's house. They tamper with his kitchen chalkboard when he comes into the room. Pickleboy discusses the possibility of bringing back Cooking with Grandpa, when he notices that Angry Grandpa is wearing new suspenders. Angry Grandpa says that he has more and goes to his bedroom.

When he returns to his bedroom, a does a mini "suspenders fashion-show". During the fashion show, Michael asks why his father calls a certain type of chicken "Idella's Chicken". He thinks that she is real when she is in fact a dead character. Angry Grandpa also believes that Drive Miss Daisy was a real character. Pickleboy thinks that his mother was just like her, as she hated them all.

Later, after some time, Angry Grandpa returns with a box containing rainbow suspenders. He thinks that Pickleboy needs them in order to keep his pants up, and not a belt. Pickleboy says that he will wear them only for this video, and lets his father attach the clips to his pants. When the suspenders are on, Angry Grandpa tries to snap them, in which Pickleboy tries to snap Angry Grandpa's.

When Bridgette and Pickleboy leave the house, they joke saying they are going to admit Angry Grandpa into a home for thinking fictional dead characters are real people. The vlog closes.


  • When Angry Grandpa came out from his bedroom, he carried a total of 4 suspenders not including the ones he had on.
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