"Grandpa pranks Pickleboy into believing he's contracted the Ebola virus after a chance meeting with a fan from West Africa.."

GRANDPA'S GOT EBOLA! (PRANK) is a video uploaded on TheAngryGrandpaShow YouTube channel on 30 October, 2014. Angry Grandpa and Bridgette prank Michael into thinking Angry Grandpa has contracted the Ebola Virus.


Wanting revenge for a recent prank on him, Grandpa calls Bridgette to ask for her help in pranking Michael. After supposedly meeting with "a fan from Africa", Grandpa starts getting sick over the next week. The prank is nearly de-railed when Michael pranks Grandpa with a caramel onion - for helping Michael do this Grandpa swears that Bridgette will be pranked next. Eventually, Grandpa starts coughing and farting fake blood, which leads Michael to think he has lung cancer. On the final day, Michael and Bridgette find Grandpa throwing up blood into the toilet. Bridgette reminds Michael that Grandpa met with a fan from Africa, and Michael realises Grandpa has Ebola. Grandpa starts begging Michael to help him, and Michael and Bridgette run away. Grandpa spits fake blood in Michael's face causing Michael to scream in horror. Grandpa then wipes fake blood over Michael's mouth, which causes him to scream more. Grandpa and Bridgette then start laughing and reveal it's a prank.


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