"After a failed prank on Grandpa, Thanksgiving starts early enough for him to ruin it.."
— Description

GRANDPA RUINS THANKSGIVING is an episode TheAngryGrandpaShow taking place on Thanksgiving 2013 at Michael's house.



After Michael pranks grandpa into thinking he missed dinner, grandpa gets angry and decides to take his food home with him, but ends up throwing food all over the floor and ruining dinner.


  • The family guests in this video can be seen talking and laughing. But their faces are not shown throughout the entire video.
  • Grandpa may have a cold in this video when cleaning his nose while making his own plate (ew).
  • Since it is a Thanksgiving prank, the video would have been renamed to PICKLEBOY RUINS THANKSGIVING. But Grandpa threw the cornbread to the floor in which Grandpa ruined Thanksgiving.


Victim Destructors Result
Food Angry Grandpa No Longer Edible
$10 Michael & Bridgette Some Given Back To Grandpa
Bridgette’s Car Angry Grandpa Later Safe
Food Bridgette West No Longer Edible
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