GRANDPA RUINS THANKSGIVING is an episode of TheAngryGrandpaShow, uploaded on Thanksgiving 2014. As of January 2017 the video garnered roughly 1.4 million views.



On Thanksgiving, a seemingly cheerful Grandpa comes over to Michael's to present him the turkey he prepared for dinner. Things change when Grandpa notices that he isn't the only one bringing a turkey, he throws a fit in the kitchen destroying the turkey in the process. Michael and Bridgette ask him to leave and never come back.


  • This video is similar to a video by McJuggerNuggets called "Psycho Kid Ruins Thanksgiving".
    • Both Jesse and Charles ruined the Thanksgiving holiday.
    • Jesse flipped over the tables while Grandpa ruined the turkey and the pie.
  • Michael was forced by Bridgette to clean up the Thanksgiving applications, because he refuses to help her clean up the mess of the Christmas tree about two weeks ago, in GRANDPA'S THANKSGIVING MELTDOWN, and made Grandpa think that there was a second turkey that Bridgette's mom and her boyfriend ever cook.
  • Grandpa's destruction to the Thanksgiving applications was the payback for the Boeing prank video; BOEING EVICTS ANGRY GRANDPA AGAIN.
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