The Gaboon Viper is a species of a snake found in Sub Saharan Africa and the Sahel.

A Gaboon Viper

AGP snake

The fake Gaboon Viper used to prank AGP.

A Gaboon Viper recently made headlines when one was found in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, which is only a few miles away from Charleston, and where Angry Grandpa is filmed. Angry Grandpa uploaded a Vlog were he was hunting for the creature in his yard. There have been very few AGP videos since due to safety hazards. But recently, Pickleboy pulled a prank on Angry Grandpa. Michael placed a fake snake in a glass jar, and claimed it was the Gaboon Viper. While investigating, the snake "bit" Michael, which caused him and Angry Grandpa to go into a frenzy. Soon after, Angry Grandpa went ballistic and broke the jar, and many other objects on his front porch. Michael then scared Charlie, saying it was a prank. This only increased Grandpa's chagrin. He destroyed more objects in the house before faking a heart attack. A few moments after Grandpa awakes, the video ends.

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