On two instances, Angry Grandpa has eaten food unknowingly that it has been thrown away and then dug out of the trash by his son Michael. When he finds out that it has been dug from the trash, he becomes furious at Michael for giving him the food.

On another instance, Angry Grandpa has also discovered food that has been thrown away in the garbage that he wanted.

Garbage Dog

The Garbage Dog was a hot dog that was bought at the Sunoco Gas Station by Angry Grandpa. He apparently threw it away by accident without knowing about it and started becoming furious when he could not find it. While Angry Grandpa was in the next room looking for it, Michael finds the hot dog in the trash covered in garbage juice. He gives it to Angry Grandpa and tells him its been in the microwave all day. Angry Grandpa microwaves it and tries to eat it but he can't because it tastes too bad. Michael finally admits to digging the hot dog out of the trash and Angry Grandpa becomes enraged throwing the hot dog at Michael and chases him around the house.

Garbage Burrito

The Garbage Burrito was a burrito bought from Taco Bell by Angry Grandpa. He obviously threw it away unknowingly at home. He gets mad at Michael and Bridgette thinking that they stole his burrito. After throwing a mild temper tantrum looking for it, he goes into his bedroom looking for it, while Michael looks in the trash and finds the burrito with cigarette butts and snicker wrappers in it. He gives the burrito to Angry Grandpa telling him it was in his Taco Bell bag. After microwaving the burrito, Angry Grandpa starts eating the burrito. After a few bites from the burrito, Angry Grandpa notices cigarette butts in the burrito and starts throwing a tantrum blaming "Them goddamn Mexican motherfuckers" where Michael finally admits to digging it out of the trash, where Angry Grandpa becomes furious flipping the table and breaking his tablet. He continues the tantrum and throw the burrito onto the table until it is completely a huge mess on the table.

Chicken & Dumplings

Angry Grandpa originally thought that Tina gave the leftover Chicken & Dumplings to the cats when he could have had it for lunch. Upon investigating the smell from the garbage can after chasing cats around his yard, he realizes that she threw it away. He scooped up the food that was thrown away with a bowl that Tina left in the yard that she was feeding the cats with.

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