Grandpa's Neighbor - 4th of July Blowout! is an episode of Angry Grandpa, uploaded on July 4th, 2013.



Grandpa is out on his porch, wishing his fans in the military a happy Fourth of July. However, he is continually interrupted by someone yelling in the background. Frustrated, he tells the person to shut up. A car arrives on the sidewalk, and an woman comes out, confronting Grandpa. An heated argument ensues, while Michael tries to restrain Grandpa. The woman is revealed to be Tina, Grandpa's neighbor who he has been feuding with. Tina runs into Grandpa's porch, threatening him with an coat hanger. Scared, Grandpa runs into his trailer. The woman walks back to her car and drives away, but not before insulting Michael. An furious Grandpa walks back outside, telling Michael he spared hitting Tina because she is an woman.


  • This video marks the first appearance of Tina, Grandpa's neighbor, who would later become an recurring cast member.
  • This video, along with most others featuring Tina, was privatized in March 2017. However, several re-uploads exist.
  • Fireworks can be heard in the background after the 3 minute mark, which Grandpa mistakes for gunshots.
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