Greg is a friend and fan of Angry Grandpa. He is known for his first debut in "GRANDPA'S BODYGUARD (PRANK)".


Greg first appeared in "GRANDPA'S BODYGUARD (PRANK)" where he, Grandpa, and Bridgette prank Michael into thinking that he got hired as a bodyguard by Grandpa.

Angry Grandpa calls Greg into the room and he enters. Greg explains everything that Michael has done to Grandpa in the past. Michael feels afraid when Greg says he should start showing Grandpa some "respect". Michael understands by saying that Greg is bigger than him and he "gets it". Greg starts to tease Michael by calling him a "little baby". He even calls him "Picklebitch", thus making Grandpa laugh.

Bridgette (who is filming) tells Michael to "grow some balls". Michael now feels even more afraid when trying to ask for help, but Bridgette encourages Greg to kick his a**.

When Grandpa asks where Michael's "dogs" are. He states they're in his fists. Greg threatens to beat up Michael, causing him to whine and run straight to the hallway bathroom. Greg and Angry Grandpa try to get him to come out. Michael (who is still in the bathroom) says he'll leave as long as they don't hurt him. He states that Grandpa's bathroom stinks, to which Grandpa says he doesn't care. They keep trying to get him to come out, but it didn't work the first few times. Finally, Michael comes out of the bathroom, but Greg and Grandpa's words/actions make him feel afraid again. Making him shut the door once again. Then, Greg and Angry Grandpa start to tease and humiliate him. A few minutes later, Greg and Angry Grandpa go back to the kitchen. Then, Michael comes out. Angry Grandpa and Greg start to lecture Michael about his past pranks. Grandpa states that he should give him a phone call and show him "respect" whenever he shows up for a visit, then he states that his "pranking days" are over. However, Michael doesn't respond to this, but Greg was able to get his attention. Then, Greg mentioned that he was a felon and made a video to prove he was good.

Then, Angry Grandpa tells Michael to get on his knees, to which he does. Grandpa states that he wants him to apologize for all the pranks that he has done to him. He also tells Michael that he is his father and that he deserves respect no matter what. Michael apologizes, but Greg doesn't believe that he actually is sorry. Finally having enough, Greg grabs a chair and chases Michael to the bathroom. He shouts out that Grandpa is his "father". Then, Michael opens the door halfway and apologizes for the second time. Greg is still not convinced, but says he will pay the price if he doesn't come back out and apologize directly to Angry Grandpa. Michael feels afraid once again and runs out of Grandpa's house. Bridgette follows him and tells Michael to come back

Greg makes a second appearance in "Bridgette's Surprise Party Prank" where he, Michael, Angry Grandpa, and Bridgette's family prank Bridgette into thinking they have arrived at his house to throw a surprise party for getting 200,000 subscribers. Only for Bridgette to get mad and disappointed. Greg is shown wearing a dark green shirt, a black cap, and gray camouflage shorts. He is shown for the second time holding a cup of beer. He states that he feels like 200,000 subscribers sounds like a huge deal and he'd be happy about it.

Greg makes a 3rd (and possibly final) appearance in "PICKLEBOY RUINS COOKOUT!!" where Michael and Bridgette show up to Grandpa's house uninvited. Angry Grandpa, Greg, Charlie, JC, and Bridgette's family (including Cindy) are shown in Grandpa's backyard chatting, eating food, and drinking cups of beer. Greg and Angry Grandpa are shown playing pool, when Grandpa notices that Bridgette and Michael arrived he starts to break the pool stick he was using (much to Bridgette's shock). Grandpa states that the reason why he didn't invite Michael and Bridgette to the cookout was because he was still mad at them for trespassing at his house after putting up a "No Trespassing!" sign in a recent video. Grandpa tells Greg to kick them out, he is hesitant at first, but does it anyway. Everyone (except Bridgette) start laughing. A few minutes later, Michael returns and Greg lectures him again. Bridgette says he should've invited them anyway, but Grandpa says he doesn't have to do if he doesn't want to. Finally Michael has had enough and they decide to leave. At the ending, Greg chases both of them out

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