Jamie (born December 18, 1969) is Jennifer's former boyfriend. He has been appearing in videos since late 2015, even though him and Jennifer have been dating since roughly 2013 (Jenny said sometime in February 2018 that they have been dating 5 years). He seems to be talented at fixing things, as he can be seen repairing Michael's bed in a vlog uploaded on KidBehindACamera.[1] He also built the wooden deck for the pool at Grandpa's New House. Though he has appeared rarely in videos, little is known about him. They broke up after Jamie cheated on Jennifer, revealed in a (now deleted) livestream on her channel. She also says that it has been happening for a while. They do remain friends because Jamie is like a father to Jennifer's children, so they stay friends for the sake of the children.


  • He and Jennifer confronted Doug West when Doug was mentally abusing Jennifer's boys by telling them they killed their grandpa. In a tweet, she stated that Jamie threatened to tell Michael on what Doug said to the boys. Doug went into his truck and drove away.


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