Janie Gertrude Mayer (March 7, 1898 – June 3, 1987; née Cooper) was the maternal grandmother of Angry Grandpa, and has been mentioned in several videos of TheAngryGrandpaShow and GrandpasCorner.


  • On November 23, 1959, she was visited by her daughter and two grandchildren. Her daughter was talking about leaving her husband, as he had gone out drinking and then decided to drive to North Carolina. Later, she received a phone call saying that her son-in-law had gotten into a car accident and was paralyzed from the neck down. Her daughter then had to go back to Charleston, but Grandma wouldn't let her drive back there alone, and went with them. Whilst Dorothy was at the hospital with her husband, Grandma had to look after AGP and Aunt Charlene for 2 weeks.
  • Referred to as "Grandmama" by Angry Grandpa.
  • She was one of the oldest members that is affiliated with Grandpa at all.
  • Her first husband died in 1939. She remarried to Henry Creech, who died in 1951. She married a third time to George Morris who died in 1961.
  • She was an extremely strict woman. Grandpa has described her as a "dictator"
  • She died 1 day after the birth of her Great-Grandson Michael.


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