Jennifer Renee Green (born: November 6, 1983) is the second oldest of Angry Grandpa's children, along with being the mother of Jay, Johnny, Jacob, and Jimmy.

She is the sister of Michael, Kim, and Charlie.

Jennifer Green is 5'5 according to her streams.



Jennifer is seen in the very first video (which took place in 2007) where Angry Grandpa's telling her two children (Jay and Johnny "Born at the time before Jacob and Jimmy") that Santa is not real. ( Famous video. ) She was frequently seen during 2010-2011 visiting the Green Household but appeared less and less (along with her kids) during early 2012. She became a more frequent character in 2013.

She's currently unmarried, having divorced in 2006, but is involved in a relationship. In 2013, due to lack of a job and financial support, she and her kids were seen staying at Grandpa's new trailer. She also stayed with Michael at his Apartment as seen in a few videos on KidBehindACamera after. She moved out on her own in 2014, leaving her kids to stay with her father "Angry Grandpa" until she could get her life back on track. She would often visit and check up on them. In 2016, AGP questions "Who lets you live here?!," so she may have lived with him once more.

She replaced Charlie in 2017 after he was removed from the family unit. In Michael's vlog, WE HAVE BAD NEWS... he gets a call from AGP telling him that Jennifer was severely burned after an aerosol can exploded in a burn pile. She was rushed to a hospital and later transferred to a burn unit. She received skin grafts to her body and is recovering well. When AGP passed away in December of 2017, her children came back to live with her once more.

She may not upload a lot on her channel, but she does stream quite often. Usually 3 times a week at least. Some of which she privates or deletes afterward.

Jenny with no hair or eyebrows


  • Jennifer is often labeled the ugliest of the Green family, due to her suffering from advanced aging, likely due to smoking, alcohol, and drugs. She also has wrinkles and gray hair due to genetics.
  • She stayed with Angry Grandpa in his New Trailer due to marital and financial problems.
  • She had JC her first child at just the age of 17.
  • She is known for having past conflicts with Bridgette and this can be seen in videos. Bridgette was of the opinion that Jennifer mooched off Grandpa for years in the past by living with him and not contributing to the household financially.
  • She is  well known for not having a job to support her four children, even though she is thirty-four years old. Both Bridgette and Grandpa have berated her for this on numerous occasions in the past. However recently It was revealed she works as a Janitor at a hospital.
  • She had a pitcher of tea thrown in her face by Angry Grandpa after she took his headphones.
  • In a video that would go on to appear on TrueTV's most shocking, she pulled a prank on Angry Grandpa by putting shaving cream in an ice cream cone. She got him to take a mouthful of it, only to then have it angrily smashed in her hair as revenge.
  • As of September of 2012, she appeared in this very serious and intense video called "Angry Grandpa Loses It!" where Grandpa yelled and shouted at Jennifer and berated her for not having a job, and lying around all day, and not helping Grandpa pay his household bills. This video has been considered one of the most controversial and intense videos in Angry Grandpa history. The video can be found here:
  • In a video called "Grandpa's first rage of 2013", she attempted to help Grandpa move his bed around in his room, but hurt her back in the process. Eventually, Michael helped, but Grandpa got angry and broke a chair by throwing it at the pair. He chased her with the broken arm from the chair, to which she then refused to further help. Michael and Grandpa had the difficult and frustrating job of turning the bed around themselves, which resulted in the bed being broken several times. It infuriated Grandpa to the point he forcibly removed Michael from the trailer afterward. The video can be found here:
  • In February 2012, she appeared in a video where she asked for cigarette money. Michael and Bridgette offered to buy her some, as well as a drink and snack if she could drink a "Meatshake." Pickleboy blended together several different ingredients including ham, turkey, egg, ranch dressing and milk to make the shake. Jennifer made several attempts to swallow it but kept throwing it up and gagging.
  • In an episode of "Grandpa's Corner", AGP said her ex-husband, Joshua Henry Watson, is a deadbeat father to their three boys. Grandpa said Joshua never took care of them or helped Jennifer raise them, only to one day disappear. They filed a missing person's report and discovered he was now in Pennsylvania living a new life, married to a woman named Mary. Joshua was angry when his location was discovered. When they divorced, he tried to get custody of their kids but Grandpa wouldn't let it happen. He then claimed they weren't his children and refused to appear in court. Grandpa says he works under the table to avoid paying child support to Jennifer which is why she cannot support her children. Grandpa hoped people find out who he is and make his life hard.
  • Jennifer can be seen again in Angry Grandpa's new house having repaired her relationship with Bridgette.
  • In the video "Angry grandpa ruins thanksgiving" uploaded in November of 2015, Jennifer was wearing a Dean Ambrose hoodie, making fans assume she is a WWE fan herself.
  • On August the 17th 2017, she was burning some old trash in Angry Grandpa's Backyard. While she was pushing the trash with a rake, she didn't notice an aerosol can buried under the pile. The can exploded in the fire and she suffered second and third degree burns. Her clothes, hair, face, arm and stomach all suffered damage, the clothes "disintegrating" . Lauren was able to put out the flames and rush her to the local hospital, where she was later transferred Augusta Georgia hospital's burn unit. A few videos later, she is seen wearing a cast and back at home, stating she has more surgeries to undergo soon.
  • In a story told by Michael, once when the four siblings were young, they were jumping on their parents bed. They heard him coming, and everyone except Jennifer jumped off of the bed and hid as she was "having too much fun" to notice. This ended with AGP picking her up by her hair while her other siblings had managed to escape the house.
  • On January the 11th in 2018 she went into freak out mode destroying AGP's kitchen because she got tired of people coming to her about her father. Michael and Bridgette received call from Lauren who was inside AGP's room staying safe from Jennifer. Mike and Bridgette arrive asking her whats going on and she explains to them. They both try to stop her from acting crazy going off on Lauren. She then ransacks through the kitchen drawers and has another melt down, then she grabbed a pair of scissors snipping parts of her hair off while still having a meltdown going completely berserk. Michael tried to stop her but she had an anxiety attack. Michael manages to confiscate the scissors away from her as she had a break down. Later they are in the bathroom where she has gone insane switching emotions while Mike and Bridgette look at her in horror on what her intentions may be next. Bridgette proclaimed she was going to take her to a salon on the next day. Then she grabbed a pair of clippers and Mike tried to stop her from what she was about to do next. Jennifer shakes Michael off her and goes through the process of shaving her hair. Jenny yells and proclaimed she was going to stay bald and hairless as she was still going through a crisis. She tells Michael and Bridgette to leave. During the aftermath, she continue shaving the rest of her hair off still in a meltdown. Bridgette and Michael are still shocked in horror but they didn't want to do as she asked due to the both of them being worried about her. Eventually, Micheal helped her shaved the rest of her hair off as well at her eyebrows due to Jennifer needing his help afterwards. Michael tried to convince her that she might need counseling due to her freak outs she was constantly having but Jennifer rejected it saying she was okay and that she will remain beautiful hair or no hair.
  • It was implied by Michael that she couldn't get over that fact that her father AGP passed away regardless of what anyone tried to tell her in hopes of her to come down and to get over it. She didn't want to hear what anyone had to say.
  • After being in a five year relationship with Jamie, something happened between them that caused her to break up with him. They had some problem throughout their relationship, but it eventually became too much. This was revealed in one of Jennifer's livestreams (deleted immediately after). In another livestream that came soon after, she said that she and Jamie had talked, not back together though, so it is unknown if they are still friends or not.
  • Jennifer had all her teeth removed in surgery due to a gum problem so now she has to wear false teeth from now on.
  • On November 25 2019, Jennifer made the news due her son, Jonathon, being assaulted twice at school.
  • In many of the videos, Jennifer and Doug West would act like they were a couple for views (Duggifer). However, the two had a fallout around 2018 and Jennifer wanted nothing to do with Doug. She has revealed on Twitter during the drama of Doug mentally abusing Bridgette during her pregnancy that Doug mentally abused her sons, telling them they killed their grandpa and called them "little bastards". She angerly confronted Doug with Jamie, the latter threatened Doug by saying he would tell Michael what he said to Jennifer's children. According to Jennifer, Doug got in his truck and drove off.
    • In retaliation, Doug refused to help fix up Jennifer's (formerly Grandpa's) home.
    • She dislikes Doug even more since he befriended Charlie and uses him to bash their father and Michael.


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