Jerome Coleman[1] is a former employee who used to work as a cook at Charlie Brown Seafood. He appears in the video where Angry Grandpa goes to Charlie Brown Seafood. He is initially polite and enjoys talking to Angry Grandpa, but becomes increasingly irritated when Angry Grandpa becomes loud and annoying in the restaurant, prompting him to ask Angry Grandpa several times to leave, even chasing him out with a broom on one instance. When Angry Grandpa attempts to steal two soda's he stops him from leaving and tells someone nearby to call the police, making Angry Grandpa go inside and pay for them. 


  • It is speculated he no longer works at Charlie Brown Seafood.
  • Seemed to love his job, until Angry Grandpa came and ruined it.
  • Claims he learned to cook from his grandmother, to which Angry Grandpa replies "Ill marry your grandma!"


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