James "Jimmy" Green (born September 13, 2008) is the youngest of Jennifer's children. His father is unknown at the moment because he was born after Jennifer's divorce; his possible father is Chris Price, Jennifer's ex-boyfriend.


Jimmy and Jacob seem to also have disciplinary problems. During one of Jennifer's livestreams, they were getting yelled at by Tina because they were misbehaving. They share this trait with his older brother Jay, but Johnny (one of his other older brothers) hasn't shown any signs of him having misbehavior problems.


He has made fewer appearances than Jacob, Jay, and Johnny. To date, his most notable appearance was in a video called ANGRY GRANDPA'S CHRISTMAS TREE, in which he helps Angry Grandpa set up the little Christmas tree in the trailer. He was more frequently featured in videos from the old trailer, when he was a toddler. He's afraid of Michael Myers.


  • He was mentally abused by Doug West (along with his brothers) following the death of Angry Grandpa, which resulted in Jennifer cutting ties with Doug.
  • On January 13, 2021, Michael reviled in a video that Jimmy, his mom, and his brothers (except JC) have Covid-19.


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