James "Jimmy" Jones (born June 19, 1966) is the boyfriend of Cindy. He has been seen in a few videos.


Jimmy is the boyfriend of Cindy West, who is Bridgette's mom. Jimmy's son Kyler was in a prank called "Angry Grandpa's Lost Son". He also has a daughter, because Bridgette has mentioned her step-sister in videos. Jimmy does not like to be filmed, which is why you don't see him much. Michael wants to use Jimmy in a prank, if Jimmy is considering doing it. The prank he wanted to use him in was the surprise party prank. He is 54 currently.



  • He does not like to be filmed.
  • His son, Kyler, has been in a prank on The AGP show.
  • Michael wants Jimmy to be in a prank if he wants to.
  • On April 30, 2018, Jimmy was transferred to the nearest hospital after suffering a massive heart attack. He is currently having open heart surgery. Michael says that Jimmy is in stable condition.[1] A Facebook post by Cindy later revealed that Jimmy has been moved.


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