Jonathan "Johnny" Watson (born September 28, 2004) is Jennifer's second eldest son, who's usually seen at Angry Grandpa's trailer during the holidays or on rare occasion for a visit. He first appeared in Angry Grandpa's first video Grandpa Ruins Christmas. He is the younger brother of Joshua "JC", older brother to Jacob & Jimmy and Grandpa's second grandson.


His other three brothers seem to have behavioral issues, as shown in a couple of videos, but mostly in one of Jennifer's livestreams. The other 3 boys were all acting out and misbehaving, even being yelled at by Tina for disrespecting their mother. But Johnny only got "yelled at" (Although not actually yelled at) one time for being loud.


  • Appeared in the First Ever Angry Grandpa video (2 Yrs. Old at the time)
  • Gets bullied by Jay, as seen in the Jello Prank
  • He has AD (Aspergers).