AGP Garbage Juice

Angry Grandpa discovering Garbage Juice in his Oscar Meyer Wiener after it was in the trash from a prank.

Juice is a secretion from various objects that Angry Grandpa despises with a passion. When he discovers any kind of juice it can set him off into a different emotional state depending on the type of juice he finds.

Types of Juice

  • Garbage Juice - The most common type of juice found in the trailer. It is mostly in trash cans and is Angry Grandpa's most hated type of juice.
  • Food Juice - This juice comes from food cans after the cans are slammed around, damaging them, causing juice to be all over the floor.
  • Cooking Juice - This juice doesn't cause any negative emotional toll on Angry Grandpa, but helps him with cooking such as making egg roll wraps. He can even slurp on the juice, despite Michael's disgust.
  • Toilet Juice - This is currently the newest discovered juice after Michael slams Angry Grandpa in the back of the head with a toilet plunger with toilet water inside, causing Bridgette to be disgusted as it fell out.
  • Fish Juice - This juice, believed to have been the first discovered type of juice, was only featured in the first episode of Charlie Brown Seafood in September 2010, when Angry Grandpa drank the run-off of a bucket of fish. It is a sub-type of Food Juice.
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