KidBehindACamera is an account created and used by Michael Green.


"I'm an overweight daily vlogger with a girlfriend that I love, dogs that I hope love me and a father that I KNOW hates everyone and everything. You might know him as Angry Grandpa. Check back every day to see what's new in our lives!!"

"I am the Angry Grandpa camera guy. These are my thoughts." ~ Original Description.

Channel use

KidBehindACamera is used to document his daily life when he was not filming a video with Grandpa on their main account "TheAngryGrandpaShow".

KidBehindACamera usually produces:

  • Aftermath Videos
  • Daily Vlogs
  • Updates on future videos
  • Talking about events
  • Q&A videos

The most popular video on "KidBehindACamera" is "THE CONDOM CHALLENGE FAIL!!" Has over 10M views (As of Feb. 2018).

In August 2018 Michael announced that 1 or 2 breaks during the week are to be expected in the daily vlogs.


  • This channel spawned a spinoff channel called "TheOverReactionShow."
  • This is so far the most active account out of any of the YouTube channels.
  • Most comments on the channel are very negative, usually attacking Michael & Bridgette on their weight, lifestyle, and hygiene.
  • Started doing Daily Vlogs on March 13th, 2014
  • Vlog #1234 is the first vlog since Angry Grandpa's passing.
  • Vlog #1418 is the first vlog since Lazy's Passing
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