Kimberly Ann Pratt (née Green) (born July 6, 1985[1]) is Angry Grandpa's third child. She lives in Syracuse, New York with her husband and two daughters.

During Michael's and Grandpa's vacation in Philadelphia, Kim's family and Grandpa finally met after years of abstinence. After only hearing from them, Grandpa had now met his two granddaughters for the first time.


  • Has two daughters, Lilly and Eliza, with her husband in New York
  • On her channel she has told stories about growing up with Grandpa, both good and bad.
  • She and Angry Grandpa had a feud in late October of 2012. Kim sent him an email complaining that he forgot her daughter Lily's birthday and criticized him for never visiting them and accused him of caring more about his fans than for her and Lily. Grandpa however claimed he has poor memory and doesn't remember his own birthday and he can't afford to fly to New York to visit them while she could easily come down to visit him. He also claimed he reached out to her in the past but says she still has a grudge for the way he treated her as a child and refuses to let him see her daughter, and feels Kim is ungrateful for what he did to support her and her siblings when they were growing up. Grandpa's video on the matter, titled To My Daughter.[2]
  • She is close with Michael, and gave a teary eyed goodbye video after he came to visit her.
  • Tina often went to stay with her in the past when she and Grandpa would fight to the point that Tina wanted to get away from him for a little while.
  • She started her own channel in 2012, but she halted uploading videos on it in 2012/2013. She now has a new channel, opened in 2014 and called "The Pratt Pack," where she shows various activities with her two daughters and husband and gives stories about growing up with Angry Grandpa.
  • She got married to Kyle Pratt on September 20th 2014. Her father was unable to attend due to his medical problems and having to look after his four grandsons.
  • While visiting Michael last year, he pranked her with a Chucky doll while she was sleeping and she then fell after she ran down stairs.
  • Jennifer, Kim and Michael are all very close siblings. Charlie is considered the "outcast".
  • She keeps calling on her phone when no one answers her and it pissed off AGP so much he destroyed Michael's phone.
  • On July 1st, 2017, She posted on Facebook on when she was 9 years old, she had vivid memory of Charlie held her down while his Friend Mike Lewellen attempted to rape her. It was revealed she always had a hatred for Charlie and she'll never forgive him.
  • During the drama with Doug West mentally abusing Bridgette West during her pregnancy with Mia, Kimberly posted a tweet about witnessing Doug's true colors during an incident involving Jacob. Kimberly had Jacob standing in a corner as punishment in 2018, Doug said to Kimberly that she should of "whip his ass" instead. Kimberly was shocked by what Doug said, told him no thanks and she would rather put Jacob in a corner than hit him.
    • She dislikes Doug more since he befriended Charlie and uses him to bash their father and Michael.



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