Kyler Jones (born September 28th 1985-1986) is the son of Bridgette's mothers boyfriend Jimmy, and he pretended to be Grandpa's long lost son in a prank video.


He appears in Angry Grandpa's Long Lost Son (PRANK!), in which he pretends to be Angry Grandpa's 19 year old illegitimate son. Due to Kyler's striking resemblance to Michael, Grandpa initially believes him. When Grandpa finds out that he is not his son and it is only a prank, they then play the prank on Angry Grandpa's ex-wife Tina. During the prank, Angry Grandpa seems to be extremely baffled to the point that he drove off in his van. Due to this behavior, some fans speculate that he did have something to hide back in the day.

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