Laughing is heard in most of the videos, Grandpa, & Bridgette enjoy laughing while Michael does not. Michael hates laughing because it s bad & It troubles him, overtime, Michael has became angry/violent over Grandpa & Bridgette for laughing, He is known to attack Bridgette immediately & fuck up Angry Grandpa.

He Does Not Like Angry Grandpa & Bridgette (mainly Bridgette) laughing & will become angry psycho & dangerous, just to stop them from laughing, & Michael told Bridgette to not laugh in “Big Kid Plays Flappy Bird”, he goes angry & dangerous/psycho when he hears laughing from Bridgette & Angry Grandpa.

Sometimes fans laugh.

michael claims that he wants to give up laughing because he hates it.

Big Kid Plays Flappy Bird

Stop laughing at me this game is hard

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