Levi "Frank" Bertrand Britt (July 5th, 1832  – September 10th, 1905) was the father of Mary F. Green and Cindy Britt. The late husband of Ann Britt. Through his grandson Marvin E. Green he is the great-great-grandfather of Charles Green Jr. There are no known pictures of him.

Life and career

Levi was born the middle child of 6, he has 4 brothers and 2 sisters. When he was little his father worked on the family farm he wanted all of his children to work on the farm with him and continue the family history of farming. He was the only child to adapt the farming side of the family.

While at a store in Boone North Carolina he met Ann Britt who moved form Hillsborough Orange County, North Carolina when her father died with her mother. They married sometime later and had 10 children 8 of his children died in child birth. His 2 surviving daughters Cindy and Mary F. Green (the future great-grandmother of AGP) He wanted hi 2 daughters to become farmers like his father wanted him to. In early September of 1905 he fell seriously ill with a severe fever his wife took over the farm for him while he was ill.

It was found out that he had stage 3 Leukemia and only had weeks to live. In the early hours of the morning on September 10th,1905 Levi died in his sleep. His wife and 2 daughters took over the farm.

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