Martin Maston Green II (1812 - 1880) was the father of Nancy A Green, Lunda Green, Laura Lee Green, Wincy A Green, Alexander Green, Martha E Green, Manly Green, Martha Green,  Louiza Green, Thomas M Green, David Joel Green, Atlas Green, James Green, Miranda Green, John Green, Elizabeth Green, Calvin Green, Sarah Green and Anderson Green. He was married to Harriet Green, until she died in 1850, then he married his second wife Deborah Green. He was the brother of  Anderson Green; Tabitha Taby Hogan; Priscilla Jane "Prissey" Green; Elizabeth ("Liza") Green; Alfred Green; Mary A Green; Sarah "Sally" Green Lucretia Green; Zelphia Green; Mastin Alfred Green and Pleasant Goodman Green and the Half-Brother of Anderson and William Henry Green. He was also the great-great grandfather of Angry Grandpa

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