Mary Frances Green (née Britt; May 17, 1869 – May 27, 1939) was the late wife of David J. Green the mother of Marvin E. Green and Grover C. Green. The paternal grandmother of Charles Green Sr. the great-grandmother of AGP. the great-great-grandmother of Michael, Jennifer, Kimberly and Charlie.


Mary Frances Britt was born in Montgomery County, North Carolina on May 17th 1869 to Levi and Ann Britt. Her paternal grandfather's first name Brittain was the full name of his last name Britt. Her father was a farmer form Wake, North Carolina where he worked on a local farm with his wife and daughters sometime in 1895, She met and married David J. Green in the 1899 where she had 2 children Grover and Marvin. In 1938 she was diagnosed with lung cancer and died a year later on May 27th 1939. She is currently buried in Troy North Carolina with her husband David.

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Mary with her mother Ann and sister Cindy.

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