The popularity of The Angry Grandpa Show on the internet has spread to other kinds of audiences through TV and in print.

TruTV's World's Dumbest episode called "Brawler's 9"

Featured at #5 on the episode, it covers the IRS Audit prank that Michael played on Angry Grandpa. Watch the clip here:

TruTV's Top 20 Most Shocking episode

Featured at #20 on the eposode, it covers Angry Grandpa destoying the washing machine, the washing machine being reposessed, and how he has to wash his clothes in the pool after it was reposessed.  Watch the clip here:

Comedy Central's @Midnight episode

Michael was featured on the episode for the Royal Rumble video he posted. Watch the clip here:

Comedy Central's @Midnight episode #2

After Chris Hardwick seeing Michael's reaction video to him being featured on @Midnight, he wanted to apologize and send him a new lamp for the one he broke and a DVD for him to smash. Watch the clip here:

The Charleston City Paper

The Angry Grandpa Show has been featured in an article of The Charleston City Paper.  Watch clips here: and  Read the article online here:

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