Mia Nicole Green (born November 1, 2019) is the daughter of Michael Green and Bridgette West and the granddaughter of the late Angry Grandpa. She was born on November 1, 2019.

Early Life

On March 19, 2019, Michael and Bridgette announced that Bridgette was pregnant with their first child. On June 9, 2019, they revealed they were having a daughter. Mia was born on November 1, 2019. She shares her middle name, "Nicole", with her mother Bridgette Nicole West.


  • She is the 10th grandchild of Angry Grandpa as he mentioned he had 9 grandkids in the For Susan video.
    • Unfortunately, Mia will not meet her paternal grandfather, Charles Green Jr, since he passed away from cirrhosis of the liver on December 10th of 2017, 691 days before Mia was born.
    • On the day she was born, Michael changed his Twitter username to 'DadBehindaCamera'. This lasted for a few months before it was reverted to the original name.
  • In a video on StoryFire, Michael also said that Mia will never meet Doug due to him believing that Bridgette was never pregnant, for making Bridgette life miserable during the pregnancy, and saying that if she appeared in so much as one video, he'd report them to Child Protective Services. By April 2020, he moved to Kentucky.
    • It is also likely that she will never meet her Uncle Charlie Green due to the family disowning him in 2017 because of his LSD Incident. And also due to previous events where he was calling his biological father a child molester. But then he was back saying the same things, right when he was kicked out of the Trailer he was living in with his father "Charles Marvin Green" and is now living in NC as of now.
  • She was not shown in any videos for a short while due to new rules set by YouTube in response to COPPA.
  • Mia was supposed to be born on November 4th, but was born three days before.



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