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"What’s Going on you Guys, KidBehindACamera Here"
— Michael’s intro for his YouTube videos

Michael Green a.k.a Pickleboy (born June 2, 1987) is one of the two main protagonists of the series, cameraman, and mastermind behind the success of The Angry Grandpa Show. He is the son of Angry Grandpa and Tina, youngest of the four siblings, Charles, Jennifer, and Kim. and also Bridgette's Boyfriend. He has a temporary alter-ego named Michelle.


Michael began filming Angry Grandpa during Christmas 2007 on another account which was unfortunately suspended by YouTube for an apparent "Terms of Service" violation. He has made an account on and continued the popular series on TheAngryGrandpaShow channel on YouTube. He's also made different accounts for different types of videos like vlogs, his music, and ads. Such as his channel (KidBehindACamera) and Grandpa's vlogs (GrandpasCorner) then the Main channel (TheAngryGrandpaShow). Michael Green also enjoys pranking his dad (Angry Grandpa). He films him every time he blows out on something. Sometimes Michael gets filmed by Angry Grandpa or Bridgette; but on some occasions, he asks them to stop because it apparently bothers him being filmed by other people (which is sign of hypocrisy).

Getting the name 'Pickleboy'

Michael is commonly referred to as 'Pickleboy'. It started when Angry Grandpa tried to prank him. He threw pickles at him. It backfired and failed, and Grandpa went ballistic. Pickleboy ran into the bathroom to hide. He dumped some flour on AG to stop him, but Grandpa poured the entire bottle of pickles on Michael. He was all green and gross while Charles was shouting "PICKLE BOY!! PICKLE BOY!!!". This name stuck and he's been known as Pickleboy ever since.


Personal Health & Hygiene

Michael is known for his poor personal hygiene and unhealthy lifestyle. His
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Michael vlogging

health and hygiene issues include but are not limited to:
  • Not showering
  • Not brushing his teeth
  • "Pooping" his pants
  • Excessive weight
  • Wearing the same outfit or similar outfits in every video
  • Poor diet and no exercise


Michael has struggled with his weight for his whole life.

After the death of his father in December 2017, Michael became depressed and put on nearly 50 lbs of weight.

On September 19, 2018, Michael's doctor officially diagnosed him with type 2 diabetes due to his weight and blood sugar. He weighed 412 lbs at the time.

Since his diagnosis Michael has been trying to improve his diet, as his diabetes is still at a point where it can be reversed.

Micheal crying

Michael showing emotion following the end of a television show.


  • Plays with wrestling action figures, although in a recent video Bridgette and Grandpa loaded up some of his figures and drove away with them, claiming he needed to grow up. Though in another recent video he seems to have purchased new ones.
  • Has been a huge pro wrestling fan his whole life, and has taken it a little too seriously at times. For instance, he was very upset when The Rock beat CM Punk at the 2013 Royal Rumble.
  • He has overreacted once again on the video "Fat Kid Upset over Royal Rumble 2014" when one of his favorite wrestlers has been beaten by Batista. This video was shown on the TV show @midnight.
  • In the video "THE HARDEST DAY OF MY LIFE", a tonka truck and a Toy Story Woody action figure can be seen, meaning that Michael may have more toys than just wrestling figures.


  • STOP!
  • Like and Subscribe.
  • What's going on you guys? KidBehindACamera (or Pickleboy) here.
  • Relax...
  • Like, Favorite, Comment, all that shit.
  • This is BullShit!
  • What are you doing?
  • Okay!...
  • Fuck it!
  •  *Girly Scream*
  • WHOA!
  • STOP, DAD!
  • Chill out, dude!
  • I'm eating possum everybody.
  • I'm fucking out of here.
  • I'm moving, you fat son of a bitch! (Angry grandpa finds out he's on break)
  • Dude.
  • Oh God!
  • You gotta chill for this shit!
  • Chill out for a little bit!
  • Main event my FATASS!
  • Not this shit again!
  • How about that!
  • Happy Trail, Motherfucker!
  • I want my shit!... I want my Fucking Shit! (PS4 Hunt)
  • Chill Out!
  • Get a fuck out on my house!
  • Come On, man!
  • I want to meet my dad! (Father's Day Prank)
  • Kiss my fucking ass, how about that! (angry grandpa destroy michael tv aftermath)
  • SHUT UP!
  • HEY!
  • Hello
  • Please!
  • Don't yell at me! (Bridgette said to yell Okay!)
  • GET OUT!
  • Don't Call me Charlie
  • Loot Crate Day!
  • Oh My God!
  • NO DAADDDD! (grandpa destroy guitar on a tattoo shop table)
  • Okay, You a fucking threatening i call a cops!. (put a camera in grandpa table)
  • Listen to me...
  • Okay, I Call a Cops!
  • I Call a Cop, how about that!
  • Don't threat me like that dude!...
  • Put a Camera Down!
  • Calm Down
  • Oh my god!.... Oh Right! (grandpa scare taser over new pizza for grandpa, not michael and bridgette give some a one pizza)
  • Stop Screaming at Me!
  • Bullshit, Go back to Olive Garden!
  • (Crying)
  • DAD STOP!!!
  • Hahaha, that's real fucking...IT'S NOT EVEN A 6XL SHIRT, IT'S 3!!!!
  • Get the fuck outta my yard! (imitating his dad in "PICKLEBOY'S LOSING CONTROL!")
  • Michael don’t like being mocked
  • Delete the footage


  • It was said by Zozo the "demon" of the Ouija Board, that Michael will die by March 2020.

Aftermath of AGP's haircut prank.

  • During the summer of 2011, Bridgette and Michael's sister (Jennifer Green) engaged in a physical altercation. This fist fight was hinted by Jennifer on her Facebook page where a fan reportedly messaged her about the event in which Jennifer stated that "she was defending Michael and didn't fight back because Bridgette was beating her ass so hard she couldn't hit back." She also stated that she was leaving Charleston and moving back to Columbia. Jennifer later deleted/disabled her Facebook page. Bridgette was asked about this event by the same fan on Twitter, and said that she probably should have made a statement before the information "got out." She deleted those tweets shortly after the conversation. It seems as if most of Angry Grandpa's fans are unaware of this incident due a lack of requests for what actually transpired.
  • Angry grandpa broke his bed during the chainsaw prank and needs to get it fixed.
  • Has been seen to use Firecrackers as a popular prank to Angry Grandpa.
  • Likes to sing in most of the videos; some think it is horrendous.
  • Has been now been called Dildoboy by fans due to people making fun of his Undertaker's outfit on the floor resembling a black dildo.
  • First started posting videos of Angry Grandpa in 2007 and early 2008 on ebaumsworld,, and YouTube before starting the Angry Grandpa channel. After the original account was suspended in 2009, it later returned in 2010 with this video:
  • He is a fan of the UFC but he likes WWE better.
  • Is usually the cause of Angry Grandpa's fits of rage, including pranking him with firecrackers, fake snake toys, ice cubes, and fake dialing him. His pranks became more and more elaborate as they became more popular on YouTube.
  • He did not finish high school and it's unknown if he has a GED. He claims he dropped out because they moved away from his high school and it was too far from his old house.
  • Despite being the primary cause of his father's outbursts and destructions he still has the best relationship with Angry Grandpa out of his other siblings. Grandpa has had bad relationships with Charlie, Kim and Jennifer but says Michael is the only one who has stuck by him after all the years.
  • Before he got his Webmaster job online he worked at the Wendy's near their old trailer for years. He said it sucked and he hated it passionately. Grandpa said he would often complain about it. He claims he had also worked for Kohl's and Walmart in the past.
  • Says working as an intern for the online company he currently works for allowed him to stay home and film the videos of angry grandpa and start the YouTube channel. He says if he hadn't worked for free trying to get a paying position he would have had to take low paying jobs at Wendy's or Wal-Mart and wouldn't have had time to make videos of his father's outbursts.
  • Met Bridgette on Myspace in 2008 when she was 16 and he was 21.
  • On his KidBehindACamera channel, he gives post videos to Grandpa's meltdowns and pranks, as well as random videos on all sorts of things, including updates on future videos as well as stories about Grandpa growing up.
  • In January of 2013 he began 2 series if videos on his KidBehindACamera channel where his "Kid" persona became more hostile and began to act more like Angry Grandpa, in which he began angrily complaining and throwing fits over wrestling, video games not being released on their proper date or being disappointing, fast foods not tasting good and other things. These videos usually receive a very negative response from fans as some consider them to be staged or just stirring fake drama to get ad revenue. These videos usually result in him getting all sorts of hateful and insulting comments from viewers.
  • Moved out of Grandpa's trailer and into an apartment with Bridgette in January of 2012 after grandpa destroyed Michael's Xbox and wanted to get away from his destructive behavior.
  • First videotaped Grandpa during Christmas of 2007 after he got a camera as a present, and the first video he recorded was when Grandpa came into Jennifer's house and became infuriated when seeing they had opened their presents without him, he then verbally berated all of them and stormed out of the house, prompting Jennifer and her two sons to cry.
  • Some of his pranks have resulted in Grandpa destroying hundreds and even thousands of dollars in damages to appliances.
  • When he first revealed to his father he had been posting videos of him on the internet (, Angry Grandpa became enraged and threw coffee onto Michael, causing him to go into a brief rage mode and scream, "I fucking hate you!"
  • When their YouTube channel reached over 200,000 subscribers Grandpa and Michael both suffered humiliation videos. Michael's, titled "The Picklebath", was to sit in a kiddy swimming pool full of pickles and covered in ketchup and mustard. The highlight of the video was when a young African American boy from the neighborhood walked by, pointed at him and said, "Look at that fat kid in the pool!" This prompted Grandpa and Bridgette to burst out laughing and taunt him. The video here:
  • Seems to be a sloppy cleaner due to the recent videos of Angry Grandpa freaking out about how bad the apartment was when Bridgette left for a few days. Grandpa even had to rent a carpet cleaner because it stunk badly from the dogs peeing and defecating on it over the months.
  • He is known by his childish mannerisms and lying, rude ways to Bridgette and Grandpa, and anger issues. At times, he pranks Grandpa as revenge for something.
  • He doesn't have a drivers license or his own car despite being twenty-six years old, which means Bridgette or Angry Grandpa have to drive him wherever he wants to go. He revealed in this video that the reason why he doesn't drive is because he has a huge phobia of anything dangerous that could happen when driving.  (Whether it being in traffic, going too fast [as Angry Grandpa did in this video], or Bridgette taking her hands off of the steering wheel in this video). He claims his brother and Angry Grandpa have tried to teach him how to drive on several occasions.  After the accident with Bridgette's car, he claims he sometimes wakes up with nightmares from that incident. It was speculated by fans that he got a DUI and had his driver's license revoked or just being too lazy as possible explanations why he doesn't drive.
  • One of his most hated videos on YouTube is the "Fun with Silly string" in which he silly strings a picture of Jesus and calls him an asshole. In the end, the video got over 2,000 dislikes and people saying he'll be going to hell. Michael doesn't believe in Heaven, Hell, or God so he didn't care.
  • Angry Grandpa did a six part video series about him. In them he said that when he was a boy he kept shitting his pants and he was very dirty, he was very spoiled, he was sent to jail for causing trouble between him and Tina, he also was going to kill himself over one of his old girlfriends breaking up with him.
  • Whenever his favorite wrestler loses or his fans make fun of him, he gets pranked he can't take and sometimes gets even more angry than Angry Grandpa does.
  • Grandpa, Bridgette & the others ruin Michael‘s day & make his life into a mess by pranking him several times whole day.
  • He is speculated to be the only person in his family that is agnostic.
  • He makes rap songs. Some people seem to legitimately enjoy it, while others do not.
  • He stated that he's trying to find a cheap affordable princess outfit for Bridgette but somehow he has enough money to buy a PlayStation 3 and new wrestling figures.
  • Angry Grandpa pranked him by using Michael's fake blood, a few trash bags, and a knife by thinking he murdered someone for stealing drugs from Grandpa. Michael cried and when he found out he flipped out. Some fans think the video is fake, though it's unknown.
  • In Mid September of 2013 he and Bridgette moved into a new house that is close to Angry Grandpa, apposed to the longer drive their old apartment sought. Michael said he will now be uploading videos more frequently now that he lives closer to him.
  • Has made friends with a woman named Morgan who helps him with pranks, the pranks that she helped Michael with was the crazed fan prank and the hag prank.
  • Some people think that he is a hypocrite, as he pranks people a lot, but complains whenever he gets prank.
  • When he got Grand Theft Auto V, he invited Grandpa over and made him play it in hoping he'll flip out. In the end, Grandpa got addicted to the game, which pissed of Michael because Grandpa didn't hand over the controller. Michael whined and ran upstairs for an unknown reason.
  • Fans call him a slob due to him vlogging and eating at the same time.
  • He has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.
  • Other YouTubers make fun of him by creating their own parody accounts pretending that they're Michael (Some of the channels were named Dildoboy or Fatboy).
  • He got the PlayStation 4 by buying it from a couple that didn't play video games that had won a Taco Bell contest.
  • He is sometimes subject to revenge by Angry Grandpa, usually due to Michael pranking him first. These instances have included when Angry Grandpa has faked heart attacks, him destroying his TV after Michael gave his hammer away, destroyed his Xbox 360 after the iMustDestroyAll pranks, faked his death after he called Michael over, pretended to destroy his PS4, and pretended to go insane when Michael tried to pretend to move in with him. 
  • His pranks have been purposefully foiled by Bridgette by telling Grandpa beforehand.
  • Many fans assume that he makes a lot of money on YouTube, which may or may not be true.
  • He recently lost a bet with grandpa. The bet was that if anyone got pranked on April 1st, one of them had to dress like a woman.
  • He is known for not having a drivers license or a car. Fans kept wondering whether he is too lazy to drive or reliant on Grandpa or Bridgette to take him places. He recently stated that he has a phobia of driving. He explains that on the radio show STFU and Listen.
  • He Sometimes like to make bets with Grandpa.
  • The most important thing for him while filming are the angles to not look fat. He also likes to look at himself on the view finder of his cameras.
  • He confirmed he and Bridgette are not smokers in the video: "Angry Grandpa, no smoking."
  • He is known to use the Hop on Pop trick on Grandpa but he mostly breaks his bed.
  • He didn't do anything but stood there crying when Grandpa destroyed his PS4.
  • He usually enjoys pissing off Angry Grandpa by pranking him several times.
  • It could be assumed by fans that Michael has mental health issues due to Michael throwing tantrums during videos.
  • Ever since early 2013, his attitude has progressively gotten worse with him getting angrier way quicker; often crying and whining and being incredibly rude to Bridgette sometimes in his recent vlogs (even though Bridgette is often whiny and rude to him).
  • It's very rare that Michael has no eyebrows.
  • Michael is also friends with Jesse Ridgway the main protagonist of the vlog Youtube channel McJuggerNuggets. He and Jesse have been friends because Michael has been watching Jesse's channel and Jesse watched Michael's vlog channel KidBehindtheCamera. They have been texting each other as friends. They are both similar because they both experience with their dad's who keep on destroying their favorite devices including game systems.
  • When Michael yells out, "DAD" (when Grandpa destroys something) the "A" sound can be usually heard increasing.

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