Michelle Marie (Named by Bridgette) A.K.A. Picklegirl (born September 1, 1992), is an alter-ego of Michael. She made her debut here[1] due to Michael getting fooled by the PS4 Treasure Hunt Prank, he has to transform into Michelle and flirt with Derrick, the sandwich maker of Substation II. She seems to have free-flowing, uncontrollable blonde hair, a pink jacket and dress, a white flower undershirt, and a striped blue purse. She is currently under the process of having a makeover, nail press, and shave. Strangely, Bella and the other dogs seem to be more calm and excited when Michelle is in the room with them, that is until Michelle uses her boomy voice.


Michelle before the makeover.

In PICKLEGIRL SEDUCES DERRICK! [2], she goes to Substation II with Bridgette and Angry Grandpa and asks for a BIG number 5 sandwich. While looking for her money in her purse she pulls out tampons, yogurt,a spoon, and body lotion, causing Grandpa and Derrick to laugh and encourage Michelle to change her tampon. She starts seducing Derrick by asking to text her sometime and that his eyes are beautiful. After many failed seduction attempts, Michelle takes off her hair and slams it on the floor before leaving the store, causing everybody in the restaurant to laugh. Outside she is dancing with Grandpa on the highway and Grandpa yells at her to go back in, calling Michelle a whore in the process.

Michelle flashing to Grandpa, even though it took 10 years out of Grandpa's life.

Michelle had made a comeback in February 2016 with the ANGRY GRANDPA GETS CATFISHED Prank[3]. She created a fake profile on OKCupid to meet up with Angry Grandpa to a motel. She made sure he was convinced by having a sexy swimsuit model as the profile picture as well as pictures of the model herself. When Michelle went to Grandpa's house, Charlie answered the door first, surprised to see his brother as Michelle. Michelle told him to let Grandpa know his date is here, and shut the door. When Grandpa opened the door to see only Michelle, he was severely disappointed as he was ready to go to the motel with his date with Viagra and lotion ready.


  • You wanna rub it on me Derrick?
  • Man, just do the texting thing, this sucks!
  • And I don't wanna text you because you're a woman, and I'm a woman who likes men.
  • Well you found the right woman, cuz I can't run very fast, so if you chase me, you gonna catch me.
  • So we gonna party or what?
  • I'm just gonna cut to the chase Derrick, I want your meat between my buns.
  • You tell your wife that she's in a run for her money when she's messing with me.
  • Probably won't be back for a while Derrick...
  • Are we partying? Cuz there's still time for those balls in my mouth.


  • Michelle appears to be an alternate character for Dawn Michelle, Grandpa's first child.


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