The Money Man Pawn Shop is a pawn shop that was located near the Old Trailer. Angry Grandpa would have to sometimes pawn things of theirs in order to pay for bills. Also, they would occasionally purchase items from them.

Known Items Purchased

  • Microwave (destroyed 3 days later by Angry Grandpa)
  • Dell Inspiron desktop computer (purchased by Michael, later destroyed by Angry Grandpa after he broke his laptop)
  • Elvis Newspaper (purchased back by Tina)
  • 17" Dell CRT computer monitor (purchased by Angry Grandpa)

Known Items Pawned

  • At least 5 sets of rings that Angry Grandpa gave to Tina for their marriage, the last time was because she needed money for an airplane ticket to go to New York, the other 4 times are unknown
  • Elvis Newspaper (Angry Grandpa wanted to get a 17" Dell CRT computer monitor instead as a spare)
  • Michael's PS3 controller
  • HDTV to purchase Mega Million Jackpot lottery tickets, although may have been pawned somewhere else due to Angry Grandpa moving to the new house
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