Money order mayhem is a series created by Micheal on August 12, 2010. Angry Grandpa has a meltdown about the light bill and they are gonna cut off the power.


Bridgette does not appear in one of these 3 videos.

About the Series

The Series has 3 parts and it features Tina as the main antagonist. Grandpa becomes angry and it causes a lot of destruction.


The video starts with Grandpa and Michael in the kitchen, while Tina is at the beach with friends. Michael is on the phone with the electric company whom Grandpa pays them the light bill, and Grandpa argues that he paid the light bill og 600 dollars but the company tells that they never received it, which means that they'll need to cut the electricity, in this case as of Friday. Grandpa admits that he gave the money to Tina and blames her for going to the beach. Michael then suggests to call Western Union but Grandpa disagrees, and fits more in rage when he cannot pay anymore until the six next weeks; the company push him the limit for the two next days, which is useless. Michael finally calls Western Union and learns that the 600 dollars was never gave, meaning Tina kept it.


Tina arrives from the beach, where Grandpa's anger has been worse, and reminds her the situation, where he accuses her and starts the insults; she tells that she doesn't know when Grandpa asks her, ubtil she says it'in the car. Afterwards, Tina doesn't find it and the two go in a fight, being angry about her lies and for stealing the money.


Grandpa and Tina discuss in their bedroom, where he tells her that taking money for personal purposes is a stupid idea; Michael enters in the room. There, he learns that his money will be recovered in 19 days, meaning that they will be 3 weeks out of electricity. He then accidentally breaks his computer's screen, blaming Tina for this. She then goes in the living room and they go into a fight. The video as well the series conclude with Tina still arguing that the money was stolen.


The second video of the Series ‘Angry Grandpa - Money order mayhem 2’ has been Age-Restricted for a reason.

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