Cooper C. Jones, known as Old Mr. Jones, (January 10, 1862 - June 4, 1944) was a character Angry Grandpa mentioned on Grandpa's Corner vlog "The Man in the Blue Suit."

Grandpa recalls that he was given a silver dollar by the man at his grandfather Marvin Green's funeral in 1956.

The man's spirit had been wearing a blue suit with a blue tie with golden stripes on it, and had told grandpa he lost his hat under the deck. Grandpa, feeling bad for the elderly man, retrieves his hat, and in return for his kindness, the man gives him a silver dollar.

Afterwords, Charles's father, Charles Green Sr, had confronted him about his money, and demanded he return the man's money, however, they could not find him. His grandmother asks what he looked like, so Charles described him to her, but she is in shock at the description.

She returns with a photo book, and Charles points him out to her, however, she is in horror and let's him know that he was Old Mr. Jones, and that he had been dead for 10 years. (In reality, 12.)

Mr. Jones had died from a stroke while on a Mine Tour.

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