A picture of Phillip aka The Obsessed Fan

The Obsessed Fan or Phillip is a minor character that has appeared on TheAngryGrandpaShow. It was revealed later on that he is the boyfriend of Morgan.  He teamed up with Michael on a prank to act like a stalker to Angry Grandpa, such like peering into the blinds and looking through Angry Grandpa's van.



  • "Is this Angry Grandpa's house?!"
  • "I told you, I just figured it out...I've seen all your videos...I'm your biggest fan"
  • "I just want to be friends..."
  • "I want you Grandpa..."
  • Grandpaaaa.......
  • You know, I live around here I figured it out
  • I have seen all your movies man
  • Can we take a picture
  • Ah yeah!


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