"PICKLEBOY MOVES IN - THE PRANK" is a episode of Angry Grandpa, uploaded on January 19, 2014.



In this video Bridgette and Grandpa play a one week prank on Michael after he plans to prank Grandpa by moving in with him. During the week while Michael is staying with Grandpa, Grandpa slowly gets more crazier and does more weird and bizarre things. This includes taunting Michael with loud music, screaming, or eating a steak without giving him any. He also begins to talk to spirits and stabs a pillow. The prank ends on the final day with Grandpa covered in fake blood while wielding a knife. There is a body in a bag that Michael believes to be Tina Green or Tina Dandridge. He soon finds out it is Bridgette and gets furious with Grandpa. Bridgette jumps up and reveals the prank and Michael storms outside with anger.

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