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Angry Grandpa tends to crap his pants on occasion in front of the camera. It usually begins with a sharp shart, then a hershey squirt following up. This has been seen in a few videos.


  • Angry Grandpa doesn't care is he farts in public but he gets quiet embarrassed when he craps his pants and when he does Michael describes he does the run butt grab to stop the feces from coming out his pants.
  • Michael once done a video where Charles and Michael traded channels and Michael keeps saying he crap his pants at the fair, after eating a breakfast lasagna, at Costco, on a date after a girl kissed him on the lips in car, in his van, in the laundry room on a pile of clean clothes, in his closet.


Angry Grandpa is Forever Alone

Angry Grandpa is Forever Alone

Loses control for no reason

Angry Grandpa - Popcorn blowout aftermath

Angry Grandpa - Popcorn blowout aftermath

Lost it as he blew a few "Juicy Fruits"

Angry Grandpa Sharted..

Angry Grandpa Sharted...

Story told by Michael

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