Pickleboy's Birthday Surprise! is an episode of Angry Grandpa, uploaded on June 1, 2013.



The video starts with Bridgette calling Grandpa, informing him that Michael still plays with wrestling toys despite being a grown adult. Bridgette wakes Michael up to tell him that Grandpa is coming over to take him to lunch. Grandpa arrives at the apartment and confronts Michael over his wrestling toys. Grandpa walks over to his playroom and is shocked by the number of toys. He starts grabbing the toys and putting them in a box (with the help of Bridgette), to Michael's dismay. He struggles with Grandpa as he walks out of the apartment with the box full of toys. Grandpa opens the back of his car and dumps the toys into it, before driving off. Michael attempts to run after him.


  • This video was uploaded the day before Michael's 26th birthday.
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