Pie (c. 1995 – 2001) was a male Chihuahua owned by the Green family from the mid 1990s until his untimely death in 2001.


Pie was bought by the Greens from the flea market, and named "Pie" after a nickname of Angry Grandpa. Pie helped Angry Grandpa deal with his depression after the death of Dorothy M. Green, as Michael stated in a vlog.[1]

Alongside Pie, the Greens also owned a female Chihuahua called Lady Pie. The dogs had a very strong bond and were always seen together.[2]

Pie was described as "always trying to prove himself." This would result in his death. In the early 2000s, the Greens lived next to a family who left their dog, a Rottweiler, unchained outside. Pie would often antagonise it, before running away when it got angry. One day, Pie didn't get away and was mauled by the Rottweiller.[3]

The neighbours who owned the Rottweiller discovered Pie's corpse, but instead of telling the Green family what had happened, they threw Pie's body into the woods. When asked by Charlie if they had seen Pie, they said no. Pie was eventually found by Kim. Pie ended up being replaced with Trigger.

Charlie has stated that Pie fathered many, many litters - presumably with Lady Pie - but also with many other dogs. It is speculated that a large portion of dogs in the area are related to Pie, and Charlie has event stated that Angry Grandpa's current dog Boo is probably a descendant of him.



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