Grandma Gets a Cat!

Grandma Gets a Cat!

Princess is a cat that was adopted by Tina before she moved out of Angry Grandpa's house, much to Angry Grandpa's chagrin.


Princess appears in the video "Grandma Gets a Cat" where Michael finds out that Tina, who still lived with Angry Grandpa at the time, adopted a cat and fears that Angry Grandpa will be furious when he finds out there is a cat in his trailer, which Tina replies "It's my cat" and explains to Michael that it was free and that she will be moving out soon. Ten minutes later, Angry Grandpa comes into the room and furiously berates his ex-wife for having a cat in his trailer, threatening to kill it with The Annihilator. His anger is further fueled when he finds cat crap in the closet nearby, which he throws The Annihilator against the wall, scaring Tina and Princess. He then throws a cabinet into the closet, causing it to bounce back and hit Tina in the leg, and destroys the cat bowl with a shovel, trying to get Grandma to "get the motherfucking cat out [his] motherfucking house!" Angry Grandpa then goes to the kitchen, repeatedly yelling "Here kitty kitty kitty!!!" Fortunately, Tina moves out before anything bad happens. 


  • It also appears in "Grandpa Kicks Grandma Out."
  • The video "Grandma Gets a Cat" garnered many dislikes from fans, because they saw it as animal abuse.
  • It's unknown where the cat is now.
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