Pumpkin (Daisy) was Michael and Bridgette's former dog. They gave the dog to Michael's brother Charlie due to the fact that the dog did not like Michael. After Charlie received Pumpkin, he changed her name to Daisy. According to Charlie, Daisy helped him in his life when it was rough.

Illness and Removal From Home

Charlie posted a video on Feb. 27, 2017 explaining the situation with his dog. Pumpkin had worms when Michael sent her to Charlie and he gave her shots and worm medicine, which she did recover from. 6 months later, Charlie had to get rid of her due to his landlords saying that pitbulls were against homeowner's insurance as well as fear that she would grow to be aggressive which is a horrible reputation for pitbulls. Charlie decided to keep her in secrecy by sending her over to neighbor's homes. Another 6 months later, a storm hit Columbia where Charlie lived at the time and was so intense that it blew his door open and knocked out the power. Upon investigation the cause was a tree that damaged the roof. Charlie had no choice but to call his landlords to fix it, which he decided to let her stay with a family he knew for a few weeks. The family grew to love her and asked if they could have Pumpkin, which Charlie accepted due to the fact that she was much happier there. According to Charlie, she is still living in Columbia.



  • Pumpkin's name was given from Charles.
  • Pumpkin did not like Michael.
  • Pumpkin was the second puppy that Michael and Bridgette got rid of.
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