RIP ANGRY GRANDPA is a video uploaded to TheAngryGrandpaShow channel on December 10, 2017. In the video, Michael explains how his father had passed away. The video has 10.5 million views as of July 2018.



Many YouTubers, including Jesse Ridgway of McJuggerNuggets and Boogie2988, have paid tributes to Angry Grandpa, both by videos and tweets.


Controversy arose after YouTuber MaximilianMus uploaded a video titled, "KidBehindACamera is trying to profit of Angry Grandpa's death", where he claims that Michael is exploiting Grandpa's demise by leaving links to his merchandise website in the description. The video has a lot of dislikes, but the majority deem it is a shameful act. The bickering continued, and since the video, Michael has not answered or removed the link in description. Original upload was removed, but a re-upload exist. Unfortunately the re-upload was deleted at some point.


  • This is the fastest video so far to get 10 million views.
  • This video has more comments than any other video, with more than 500K comments (although only 230K are visible)
  • This video was #2 trending on YouTube for about 8 hours after it was uploaded.
  • A deleted scene of "THE BEST THANKSGIVING EVER!" vlog was featured at the end of the video. It may have been the last clip ever recorded of Angry Grandpa.
  • This is the first video to be uploaded after Angry Grandpa passed away.


  • At 1:12 in the video, Micheal ends up saying the year 2016, rather than the year 2017.


Victim Death Date Cause
Charles Green 12/10/2017 (Age 67) Cirrhosis of the liver


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