""Grandpa recalls the story of the time Jennifer was hearing the voice of a person she called "Redman" and it was asking her to Kill Grandpa...""
— Description

Redman[1] is a story video where Angry Grandpa tells the story of when a voice named Redman tells his daughter Jennifer to kill her dad. This video was uploaded on September 30, 2012 by GrandpasCorner and has over 250,000 views as of April 2016.



According to Grandpa, one night back in 1993 or 1994, when Jennifer was 10, she was screaming to Grandpa in his room to tell "them" to shut up and leave her alone. Grandpa asked who and she replied Redman. Grandpa asked where he was, and she replied her room. When the two enter Jennifer's room, Grandpa tells Redman to leave her alone. He asks Jennifer what he said, and she replies "He's telling me to kill you". A shocked grandpa asked her how she'll kill him. She replies with a knife. Grandpa asks where the knife is, and she lifted her mattress revealing nearly every knife in the house. Grandpa, afraid that she'll cut him up and bury him in pieces all over the yard, stayed on the edge of his bed, smoking cigarettes, and did not sleep that night. The next morning, Jennifer had to leave. He took her to an institution with a Miss Nancy where she stayed for 2 years. Jennifer didn't want to come back because they had money also said that they wanted to adopt her, where Grandpa regretted not doing it. He then tells Redman once more not to tell his daughter to kill him, when suddenly Jennifer screams beside him, causing him to hurt his shoulder, calling her a stupid bitch in the process. Jennifer defends by saying "Redman told me to do it." Grandpa replies that Redman finally got him now.


  • The Greene Family lived at Triple Acres at the time of this incident.
  • According to Angry Grandpa, Redman manifested right after the incident with Kim's situation with Charlie and his friend Mike Luallen (The LSD Incident).
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