There are several videos have been removed from Michael's, Bridgette's, Grandpa's, and other channels since the beginning for certain reasons.

Some of these videos have been re-uploaded by other YouTube users.

Please note that some videos that have been reuploaded but have been taken down once again by the uploader or by YouTube. (some links may not work do to this)


  • To My Father (Removed from LillysDad315) - A video in which Kim responded to Grandpa making a video about an email she sent him, complaining that he cared more about his fans than he cared about his family.
    Reason for Removal: Kim and Grandpa appear to have patched things up since Kim's video, so she likely removed her video as an apology.

  • The Fake Bomb Prank (Removed from TheAngryGrandpaShow) - A video involving Michael pranking Grandpa into believing he received a bomb in the mail (It was a bunch of rocket flares bonded together with a clock strapped on and packaged in a UPS shipping box) causing Grandpa to go ballistic and mess his kitchen up. He freaks out on Michael when he confesses it's fake. The only pieces of evidence that the video ever existed are the two photos shown at the right. Also, the aftermath of the prank can be seen in "Angry Grandpa's Fake Heart Attack 2", a video in which Grandpa gets back at Michael for the prank by faking a heart attack.

    The high quality thumbnail of the fake bomb prank video.


    The low quality thumbnail of the removed bomb prank video.


    Another screenshot of the fake bomb prank.


    This, along with the thumbnail, is the only proof that the bomb prank video existed.

Reason for Removal: Multiple reasons:
  • Concerns for Grandpa's health.
  • Possible legal trouble with the FBI.
  • People saying it was unfunny and disrespectful.


  • On December 11, 2017, it was mentioned by a tweet of Michael that although the video was removed, he still saved the file:
  • On December 17th, 2017, Michael stated that the video will still be re-uploaded in the future.
  • This video is known for being one of the biggest pranks on the channel.
  • On April 15, 2018, In Delete.mp4, Micheal just gave information that when the bomb prank was uploaded, it was taken down later, because of the FBI showed up at his house and he got arrested. Here's what happen.
  • On April 19, 2018, Micheal just telling the story what happen the fake bomb prank and he got arrested by the FBI. Here what happen
  • Despite the video being removed, the aftermath video can still be viewed.
  • AngryGrandpaARCHIVES re-uploaded the aftermath video, but the video was removed on May 2018. The aftermath video was re-uploaded by another YouTube user, but it has been removed again.
  • On January 6, 2020, In PICKLEBOY CAN'T LOSE WEIGHT! at 5:30, Michael will upload the The Fake Bomb Prank on his StoryFire channel, if he hits 200,000 subscribers.

  • R.I.P. Andy Griffith (Removed from BridgetteWest) - Michael whining out the lyrics to The Andy Griffith Show theme song.
Reason for Removal: Dislikes.

  • Forgiving my parents (Removed from BridgetteWest) - Bridgette emotionally apologizing to her parents for personal reasons. This video was made in response to Michael's video [1] and Grandpa's video [2] both apologizing to certain people.
Reason for Removal: Unknown, most likely personal reasons.

  • Boston Terrier gets bullied by a kitten (Removed from BridgetteWest) - Video showing Lazy and a small kitten playing around.
    Reason for Removal: Dislikes.

  • Car Crash (Removed from KidBehindACamera) A video showing Michael and Bridgette's encounter with a drunk driver who had just crashed into the back of their car. The driver continued to deny that she was drunk and that the accident wasn't her fault (due to her inebriated state) The police arrive (not shown on camera, but described by Michael in the second half of the video) and the woman is arrested after 4 large empty bottles of Budweiser were found in her car. Michael said that the police officer ordered him to shut his camera off when they arrived.
    Reason for Removal: Legal reasons, as said by several users who claim to have seen a comment from Michael elaborating the reason. Here's the explanation of the video.

  • Bridgette sings "Memory" from cats! (Removed from BridgetteWest) - A video where Bridgette sings the song "Memory" by the Broadway band "Cats." She sings it off-key and out of tune.

The original thumbnail and description.

Reason for Removal: Dislikes and copyright infringement (due to the criteria of the Partner Program). Also, the video is private of the original link.

  • Grandpa Arrested (Removed from TheAngryGrandpaShow) - A video where Michael is filming Grandpa talking to the police in the dark from a distance, sitting in Bridgette's car in the empty lot next to Grandpa's when he was living in Trailwood. Michael does not say anything in this video.

The only screenshot of Grandpa Arrested.

Reason for Removal: Unknown, possibly personal reasons.
  • In this video, it briefly mentions Grandpa being arrested and that he was released without charges.

  • Update (Removed from BridgetteWest) - A video where Bridgette lets everyone know why it is taking so long for her to do her upcoming humiliation video where she dresses up in a princess outfit, full with a tiara and heels. Her reason is that she doesn't want to disappoint the fans by doing it under-par, and the dress would cost a lot of money.
Reason for Removal: Unknown, but most likely Bridgette did not want to do the humiliation video. Another explanation could come from the video "THE PRINCESS VIDEO BLOWOUT", where Grandpa express his dissatisfaction with his fans keep writing about the video Bridgette was supposed to be in while Micheal rages and explains that it's because of the ovarian cyst she got diagnosed with.

  • Banned From Wal-Mart For Life (Removed from KidBehindACamera) - A video showing Michael telling a story of how a man who he recently met on Facebook got banned from Walmart for showing his posterior in line at the cash register. Michael removed the video the day after it was uploaded to his channel, with an explanation video being put up in response to it.

    The thumbnail of the re-uploaded video.

Reason for Removal: The idea for the original video may have been bogus and not a true story. The video was removed and it was re-uploaded by a Dailymotion user.


The thumbnail of the video before it got deleted.

Reason for Removal: Because it shows Angry Grandpa eating out of the toilet & throwing up. This video was re-uploaded by another YouTube user.

  • THE CAT FOOD BURRITO! (Vomit Alert!) (Removed from TheAngryGrandpaShow) - A video in which Michael pranks Grandpa into eating two Taco Bell burritos packed with cat food causing Grandpa barf twice (into the sink after eating the first one and into a dishtowel after eating the second one). When Michael confesses both burritos had cat food in them, Grandpa gets really angry and the video ends with him chasing Michael halfway around the inside of his trailer with a taser which he received in the mail.

    The thumbnail of the video before it got deleted.

Reason for Removal: The video was removed approximately 4 hours after being uploaded after it was flagged for violating YouTube's policies (possibly because it involved Grandpa barfing twice). The video was re-uploaded by another YouTube user.

  • The Salt and Ice Challenge (Removed from TheAngryGrandpaShow) - Grandpa and Pickleboy try the salt and ice challenge.

    The only screenshot of The Salt and Ice Challenge.


Actual screenshot of the comment.

Reason for Removal: The video was removed due to unknown reasons.
  • In KidBehindACamera's vlog,"GRANDPA'S ASHES WERE STOLEN!", In the comments, KidBehindACamera reveals that he can't re-upload it, because "YouTube don't like that video", replying to TheOldMusicsMasters.

  • Angry Grandpa Kisses a Cat (Removed from TheAngryGrandpaShow) - Angry Grandpa has to go to Jessica's house to kiss a cat. After doing so, he nearly vomits on Jessica's lawn and rages at Michael for making him kiss a cat.

    The thumbnail of the video before it got deleted.

    Reason for Removal: Unknown, most likely Grandpa couldn't live with the video so it got taken it down. The video was re-uploaded by a Dailymotion user.

  • SURPRISE PARTY MELTDOWN!! (Removed from TheAngryGrandpaShow) - Michael invites close friends & family for a house warming party, but things quickly change when Grandpa gets angry over Michael visiting his new home too much, and was also not pleased with Michael throwing him a party.

    The thumbnail of the video before it got deleted.

    Reason for Removal: Unknown, possibly due to the negative feedback given to the video. The video was re-uploaded by another YouTube user.

  • CHAINSAW MASSACRE WAKEUP!! (PRANK) (Removed from TheAngryGrandpaShow) - Grandpa decides to wake Michael up with a Jason mask and a chainsaw.

    The thumbnail of the video before it got deleted.

    Reason for Removal: Unknown, the video was removed for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines. The video was re-uploaded by another YouTube user.

  • I Quit (Removed from KidBehindACamera) - The video starts with Michael ranting about us viewers saying of how we are "Trolls" and "Haters" to him.
    Reason for Removal: Major backlash, severe amount of dislikes, and removed by YouTube for violating policies.

  • THE TRUTH ABOUT CHARLIE CHILL (Removed from KidBehindACamera) - The video was about Michael addressing the Charlie Chill LSD incident that night and how Charlie would no longer be on the channel.
    Reason for Removal: Unknown, possibly due to it being old drama. The video was re-uploaded by another YouTube user.

  • WRITING HIM OUT OF OUR LIVES (Removed from KidBehindACamera) - The video took place a few days after the Charlie Chill LSD incident and featured the rest of the family’s reaction to the incident as well as the recent revelations that Charlie and his friend focused themselves upon Kim when she was 9. As a result of this, Michael and Angry Grandpa decided to disown Charlie from the family.
    Reason for Removal: Unknown, possibly due to it being old drama. The video was re-uploaded by another YouTube user.

These videos were removed during Tina Situation. (some were re-uploaded with links and if there is no links, there were not yet re-uploaded)

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