Come on, let's go get that washing machine!

The Repo man is a minor character that appeared in the video "Washing Machine Reposessed". He comes to Angry Grandpa's trailer and tells Michael that he is there to repossess their washing machine, which then Michael goes inside to tell his father that there is a repo man there to repossess their washing machine. Angry Grandpa then goes outside to confront him and tries to get him to leave, telling him that the washing machine broke and that he took it to the dump, but the repo man doesn't believe him and he refuses to leave without it. Angry Grandpa then takes the repo man's dolly and throws it to the ground, threatens him, and throws both a bike and a skateboard at the repo man, prompting the repo man to start calling the police. Knowing that the repo man will call the police, Michael finally steps in and tells the repo man that the washing machine is in their laundry room and that he will help him with it, causing Angry Grandpa to angrily storm back into the trailer. 


  • Does not seem to be afraid of Angry Grandpa, nor take him seriously. 
  • May be from Syracuse, due to his shirt saying that, but it is unknown where he is from. 
  • The video that the repo man appears in "Washing Machine Reposessed," along with the videos "Angry Grandpa Destroys Washing Machine" and  "Washing Machine Repo 1"  were featured on the TruTV show Top 20 Most Shocking, on the episode titled Hotheads from Hell 2. The repo man's face is blurred on the episode.
  • It has been said that the repo man is actually Michael's uncle Richard Scott, but Angry Grandpa did not recognize him, then again Michael didn't appear to either (as he surely would have told Grandpa who he was if he did), so this may not be true.
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