"For day one of Vidcon, I spend the time searching for McJuggerNuggets."
— Description

SEARCHING FOR MCJUGGERNUGGETS! is a vlog uploaded onto the KidBehindACamera YouTube channel on June 25, 2016.

Main Characters



Pickleboy does his regular intro while in his hotel room in Anaheim, California. He tells the audience that he may not record very much footage solely because he wants to respect his YouTube friends that he may meet while at the convention.

The first YouTuber Pickleboy meets is a teenage boy named Houston. Sometime later he is seated inside one of the auditoriums where he sees Francis (Boogie2988/Steven Williams) on stage. After the presentation, Pickleboy runs into some Angry Grandpa fans as he is leaving, stopping to say hello. He and his fans are searching for McJuggerNuggets (one of the female fans states she thinks Corn is adorable). The gang goes outside where the camera cuts. Pickleboy is talking to Jesse Ridgway (McJuggerNuggets), where he is taking pictures and signing autographs for fellow "juggies".

After spending time with more fans, Pickleboy returns to his hotel room and has a burger. He calls Bridgette West and talks to her about his day.


  • This marks the first time that Pickleboy and McJuggerNuggets meet each other face-to-face.
  • This marks the second video seen on YouTube with Jesse's new haircut.
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